Leaked Elden Ring Character Creator Lets You Make Your Own Monster

Elden Ring is just over a month away, but a number of leaks – which can be attributed to the network test datamine – have given us a peek at a few of the things we can expect. The latest of these leaks is a video runthrough of the character creation menu, revealing fidelity and customization options beyond anything we've seen in previous FromSoftware titles. In fact, it lets you do so much that you can even make a scary looking character to fit in with the rest of the monstrosities.

As spotted by VGC, the six-minute long video, which can be found on YouTube, takes us through all the options the character creator has to offer. However, since this is probably a datamined version, some of the text and previews are broken, making even the normal looking creations look nightmarish.

At the start, we can see that the Character Status has a number of attributes under it, namely, Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane. Unfortunately we can't see any of the text on the left side of the screen, but if we were to guess, they'd ideally be the character classes, along with pre-set body type builds.

A bit further on the creation tool allows you to choose the character's skin tone. Unlike most other games, this one lets you choose from an entire RGB spectrum, giving you the opportunity to play the game as a member of the Blue Man Group. Moving forward, you get to choose from a number of pre-set hair styles and facial hair, both of which can also be in a colour of your choosing.

Now here's where things get really weird. Elden Ring's character creator allows you to customize your face type down to the smallest detail. However, where character creators in other games limit the sliders to a point, this one lets you take things to the extreme, resulting in comically, or sometimes horrifyingly exaggerated features.

So it seems FromSoftware has given us the freedom to make our characters look however we want. This means we're probably going to see a number of interesting looking creations once the game is out.

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