LEGO Bricktales: Jungle World Collectibles Guide

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The worlds you'll visit in LEGO Bricktales are filled with collectibles, from hidden animals to treasure chests! Most require one or more of the skills you'll learn throughout your journey, so you can expect to see several items that you'll need to come back for once you have the proper abilities. Since the Jungle is the first world, you'll be returning here often as new paths open up.

This guide lists all the hidden chests and animals in the Jungle, grouped by type. If you're missing any, read on to find those last elusive collectibles!


To the left of the first monkey statue is a bluebird waiting to be picked up. Once you cross the river after learning Smash, you'll be able to collect it.

Before building the zipline, be sure to collect the bird near the edge of the cliff!

Once you've learned all five Skills, go to the mountaintop and use the ladder there to descend back into the cave. Follow the path to the next room and climb the stairs to your left. Smash the bamboo blocking your way, then use Dimension to reveal a Hover rail. The rail will take you to the top of the chamber, where you'll find a bird.

In the top room of the caves, look in the corner for a teleporter (this is the same one used to collect a rabbit; see below). At the end of the rabbit's platform, use Dimension to reveal a Hover rail which will take you to the bird at the top of the chamber.


To the left of the platform where you first meet the archeologist, look in the bushes for an easily-captured chameleon!

While exploring the Monkey Temple, you'll open a gate back to the mountaintop. From this entrance, follow the path south until you come to a blue arrow leading to the next room. On the other side, you'll find a set of bamboo stalks that can be destroyed using Smash. Beyond is a chameleon to rescue.

After completing the Medieval world, return to the explorers' base camp. On the right side is a large pile of dirt – wash it away with the Water Skill to reveal the chameleon underneath.

Once you've completed the City, go to the very beginning of the Jungle. Use the Dimension Skill to reveal a teleporter on the right. Using it will take you to two more teleporters; use the right-hand pad to reach the chameleon by the river.


At the very beginning of the Jungle world, you'll see a ladybug to your right. You can't get to it until you learn the Smash skill. Be sure to pick it up when you return this way later!

After using the gyrocopter to reach the reporter on the mountaintop, go down the hill on the right side. You'll find a ladybug behind some bamboo stalks that you can break.

Once you've learned the Water Skill in the Medieval world, return to the explorers' base camp and enter the Monkey Temple. In the second room, look for a pile of dirt just to the left of the entrance. Wash it away to reveal a ladybug.

After completing the City, return to the scaffolding you built to cross the Jungle cliffs on the way to the mountaintop. Look for a teleporter that you can activate with the Electricity Skill. Follow the path on the other end of the teleporter to find a ladybug.

Hermit Crabs

After learning Smash at the Skill Temple, look at the river's edge near the platform where you first met the archeologist. Smash your way through the bamboo there to reveal a hermit crab.

When you reach the explorers' base camp, there's a set of stairs to the south. You can pick up a hermit crab at the top. You can also collect the crab after ziplining down from the mountain.

After building the monkey statue to enter the caves, you'll have to use Smash to get through a cluster of bamboo on the second floor. The main prize here is a chest, but if you look closely you'll see a narrow passage leading behind the cave that was hidden by the bamboo. Follow it to find a hermit crab against the edge of the map.

Once you've learned the Hover Skill in the Caribbean, go to the bottom of the zipline at the explorers' base camp. To the right, you'll see a Hover Rail. Ride it to reach the hermit crab on the ledge above.


After building the gyrocopter, be sure to check behind the reporter's tree on top of the mountain. You'll be rewarded with a rabbit for your troubles!

Once you've learned the Water Skill in the Medieval world, go to the area just before Boo's shop where you built the scaffold to climb the cliffs. To the left, you'll see a pile of dirt. Wash it away to free the rabbit underneath.

When you learn the Electricity Skill, go to the beginning area of the Jungle. Cross the first bridge that you built, and go down to ground level. Across the stream is a pile of dirt that you can wash away from afar with the Water Skill. Once the teleporter underneath is complete, return to the world's starting point. Reveal a teleporter to the right using Dimension, then use it to reach a fork in the road.

Use the left-hand teleporter to reach the pad that you just washed off. You'll be rewarded with a rabbit for your trouble!

When you've completed the City world and learned the Electricity Skill, come back to the mountain cave, entering from the ladder on the mountaintop or via the Monkey Temple. In the corner you'll find a teleport pad, which leads to a previously-inaccessible rabbit.


The first chest you'll be able to access in the Jungle can be opened after completing the Skill Temple. Just before the ladder leading to the exit, there's a bridge that you can cross to the left. Be sure to collect your reward before continuing your adventure!

After you receive the whip from the archeologist, return to the very beginning of the stage. You'll be able to climb to a chest above that you couldn't reach before.

Once you've built the monkey statue to enter the cave beyond, you'll see a chest as you explore. Use Smash to destroy the bamboo stalks blocking your path.

Look under the stairs south of the explorers' base camp. Smash the bamboo stalk blocking your path and open the chest behind it. Next, climb the stairs to get to another chest.

At the top of the stairs south of the base camp, walk along the edge of the map. At the end of this route you'll find a hidden treasure!

North of the explorers' base camp, there's a hill you can climb after using Smash to get through the bamboo blocking the way. At the top, look to your right to find a chest under an overhang.

At the top of the mountain, which you can reach after building the gyrocopter, go down the right side and look under the cliff. The chest is hard to see with the basic camera angle, so use the smoke from the crashed plane as a guide.

You can rotate the camera from the pause menu to inspect your surroundings in detail!

Accessible After Completing The Desert

Once you have the Dimension Skill, go to the first chamber of the caves, entering where you first built the monkey statue. On the second floor, take the narrow passage behind the chest on the main path. In the corner, use Dimension to reveal a valve. Turn it to open a door elsewhere in the caves.

Return to the first floor and walk under the natural bridge in the middle of the room. You'll need to use Smash while your character is obscured by the bridge to get through some hidden bamboo stalks. Enter the newly-opened door to find a new chest.

When you've learned the Dimension Skill in the Desert, come back to the Jungle and go to the area where you built the gyrocopter. Use the whip to reach the cave entrance, but instead of going inside, look around the corner to the left. You'll find a seemingly empty area. Use Dimension to reveal a chest.

Accessible After Completing The City

After completing the City, travel to the Jungle and enter the caves from the main entrance, by the monkey statues. Look immediately to your right and you'll see a pile of dirt that can be washed away with the Water Skill. Underneath is a teleporter, which activates once it's cleaned off. Climb the ladder behind you and use Electricity to reach the teleporter. Turn the wheel that you find to lower the barrier to the right, then return to the main area to collect the chest that was behind it.

Next, return to the place where you built a scaffold to cross the cliffs. Near where the puzzle began, you'll find a teleporter. Take it and follow the path, using the whip and the Smash Skill to clear the way. At the end of the trail is a chest.

Accessible After Completing The Caribbean

After completing all five worlds, return to the mountaintop. Stand near the entrance to the cave there, and use Dimension to reveal a Hover rail. The rail will take you to a hidden chest underneath the main path.

When you've collected every chameleon in the game, bring all twenty to the biologist to the right of the twin monkey statues. He'll give you the Jungle's final treasure chest as a reward.

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