Lego Shows Off A 663,900-Brick Bowser

San Diego Comic-Con takes place this weekend. Four days packed with news and reveals about video games, Marvel movies, comic books, and so much more. If you'll be in attendance, you'll have the chance to brush up against a massive Lego Bowser made up of more than 600,000 pieces.

A lot more than 600,000 pieces, actually. This massive King of the Koopas is made up of a staggering 663,900 Lego bricks and you can check it out in action via Nintendo's tweet below (thanks, Kotaku). The animatronic statue stands at 14 feet tall, which actually puts the big bad at an even loftier height than most of the theories surrounding how tall he really is that can be found online.

The massive Bowser has moving arms, eyes, eyebows, and can turn its head, likely making you feel like Mario should you come face to face with it this weekend. Unlike the world's most famous plumber, you won't be at risk of getting burned by Bowser's firey breath. 663,900 pieces or not, there's only so much you can do with Lego. Using it to make a statue breathe fire isn't one of those things, and even if it was, it's probably not advisable.

As for whether Lego aficionados will be able to take a crack at building this set for themselves, unsurprsingly, that's going to be a no. As highlighted in the small print in the video above, the giant Bowser is not for sale. You can build a Lego Bowser of your very own though, or at least you'll be able to later this year. Nintendo revealed the next set coming to Mario's growing Lego Mushroom Kingdom will be a 2,800 piece Bowser. Still pretty big, even though it would take more than 200 of them to build Comic-Con's giant Bowser.

Nintendo and Lego launched the first Super Mario set in 2020 and the collection has proved incredibly popular. Lego Luigi joined his brother the following year, and Princess Peach has also been immortalized in colored bricks since then. There's also a question block filled with mini Lego replicas of Super Mario 64 levels available.

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