LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 6 Level

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  • A Plan To Save Han
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  • Fulfill Your Destiny

Coming off of the dour conclusion to The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi is a notably more triumphant story. And with its inclusion in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, we are given a chance to relive it through the lens of LEGO. With this episode will come more devilish challenges, but we have you covered on that front.

From learning the fate of your robotic allies to hitting Boba Fett out of the air to using the force to turn Scout Troopers against each other, these challenges come in a number of shapes and sizes. However, much like how the Force guides look, we are going to guide you through each and every one of them.

A Plan To Save Han

Challenge NameDescription
Don’t Blow Our CoverComplete the Leia and Chewbacca area without causing any trouble.
Learn the Droids’ FateDiscover the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO within Jabba’s Palace
Rancor-cussionPick up and throw 5 objects at the Rancor using the Force.

As long as you don’t whack any of the guards or patrons, you will accomplish the “Don’t Blow Our Cover” challenge. You can still freely destroy objects; this will not be considered “causing trouble”. And, if you want to get the True Jedi achievement, it is going to be necessary.

The “Rancor-cussion” challenge is another pretty straightforward one. When you drop down into the Rancor pit, just start picking things up with the Force and throwing them at the gigantic monster. The items aren’t in short supply, so you don’t have to worry about running out of things to throw.

You will need to come back in the free-play mode for the “Learn the Droids’ Fate” challenge, as it requires a protocol droid to complete. Outside of the prison cells, you will see a protocol droid terminal. If you interact with it, you will unlock a scene that shows what happened to R2-D2 and C-3PO. It is as easy as that. Conveniently, that room also leads to two Minikit pieces, so you are going to complete this challenge no matter what (if you are planning to come back for the Minikits, at least).

The True Jedi achievement is easy enough to get as long as you are diligently smashing the crates you come across. Just make sure you are within 10,000 or so by the time you make it to Jabba (and get thrown into the pit).

The Copa-Khetanna

Challenge NameDescription
Boba Fett? No Sweat!Destroy one of Boba Fett’s rockets while it is still in the air.
How do YOU like it? Hit Boba Fett with a deflected bolt.
Trick ShotHit Boba Fett with a thrown lightsaber while he is in the air.

All of the challenges for this stage take place during the Boba Fett fight. The first challenge you should focus on is deflecting a laser bolt back at him. Try to block just before the bolt hits you. You should be able to get it within a few attempts. Once you do this, you will complete the “How do YOU like it?” challenge.

The next two challenges can only be performed in the second phase of the fight. Don’t bother trying to throw your lightsaber at Boba Fett while he flies around in the first phase; the game won’t count it. During the second phase, he will hover around the ship, shooting missiles at you. This is when the game wants you to throw your lightsaber at him. Once you hit him, you will complete the “Trick Shot” challenge. Now, switch to Lando. Just aim to shoot one of the missiles as it is traveling toward you. It may take a few attempts, but you will eventually complete the “ Boba Fett? No Sweat” challenge.

The True Jedi achievement only requires 28,000 studs. These will be obtained easily enough by destroying the junk in this level. The stage isn’t that big, so it shouldn’t be hard getting it all.

Endor The Line

Challenge NameDescription
Dodge This!Fly through an AT-AT's legs.
In-FightingMake the Scouts fight amongst themselves with Jedi Mind Tricks.
No Safe PlaceDamage the Scout troopers by overloading the generator.

The first two challenges are dead simple. Switch to Luke and have him use his Jedi powers to cause panic in one of the Stormtroopers. Note that you don’t want to use the influence power here. The troopers will start fighting amongst each other. You will then complete the “In-Fighting” challenge. Next, look for a giant cube that is pulsating with energy. Shoot it until it explodes. This will complete the “No Safe Place” achievement.

The final challenge is completed in the speeder bike section. When you see an AT-AT, simply drive right through its legs. Doing this will complete the “Dodge This!” challenge.

As for the True Jedi achievement, it requires that you earn 65,000 studs. Given that the speeder bike section will loop until you kill all the troopers, and that there is a ton of stuff to shoot that is worth studs in this section, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t struggle to hit this goal. Just allow the stage to loop until you have all the studs you need and you will be fine!

The Chewbacca Defense

Challenge NameDescription
Ewok and RollBlast the loose rocks with the AT-ST to take out Stormtroopers.
Helmet Drum CollectionDuring the first cover shooting section, land 3 headshots on the Stormtroopers.
Sweep the LegsTrigger the log trap against the AT-ST.

Now, at the first blockade, there will be a number of Stormtroopers and a turret gun in the back. Ignore all the soldiers and run straight ahead. Once you get behind the turret, an Ewok will crash into it. Now you can deal with the Stormtroopers without being gunned down by heavy turret fire. Focus on landing headshots. You need to get three of them to complete the “Helmet Drum Collection“ challenge.

Once you have dealt with those troops, build the horn in the back (where the turret used to be). Follow this path until you are fighting another battalion on a bridge. Destroy the turret in the back, then rebuild it. Once you have rebuilt it, the turret gun will be facing in the direction of an AT-AT. Fire at the logs to the right of it and you will complete the “Sweep the Legs“ challenge. Lastly, when you are in the AT-AT, shoot a giant pile of rocks on the right. This will complete the “Ewok and Roll” challenge.

As for the True Jedi achievement, you will need 110,000 studs. This is a pretty hefty amount. So, you will be wanting to clear out each section of all the junk. Thankfully, once you are in the AT-AT, you will be able to earn a ton of studs, just make sure you don’t let them fade before you get them. Don’t move too far forward in the final section or you may trigger the ending without having earned enough studs. Destroy everything in that last section and you should meet the requirement.

Fulfill Your Destiny

Challenge NameDescription
I Will Not Fight You, FatherMake your way past Vader without being detected.
Let the Hate Flow Through YouCause damage to one of Palpatine's guards, by luring them into one of his attacks.
There is No ConflictFind the Empire Weapons Crate and use the weapons within it.

The first challenge is completed after you have fought Darth Vader's first phase. You simply need to sneak past Vader while he is searching for you. Luckily, his visibility cone is pretty stubby, so this won't be much of an issue. Once you get out from under the stairs, you will complete the "I Will Not Fight You, Father" challenge. Proceed as usual, fighting Vader's second form.

After you beat Darth Vader, you will start having to contend with the emperor's guards. While you fight the guards, the Emperor will blast you with lightning. For the "Let the Hate Flow Through You" challenge, you need to position one of the guards to be hit by the lightning. The best way to do this is to let a bunch of them pile onto you, stand still, and then jump away just as the lightning is about to strike. That being said, if you get hit in the process that is fine, too.

The final challenge requires that you open one of the Empire weapon crates. This means you will have to come back in the free-play mode. Simply, open the crate using a villain-class character and then use one of the weapons. This will earn you the "There is No Conflict" challenge completion.

The True Jedi achievement requires that you gather 40,000 studs. You will probably get halfway there running up combos against Darth Vader. You can get some extra coins letting Darth destroy some pillars during the stealth section. Whatever else you need can be acquired by trashing the two side rooms.

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