LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: All Minikits In Every Episode 1 Level

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The Phantom Menace is one of the starting points for the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. A huge part of this game's appeal is its seemingly limitless supply of collectibles. The Phantom Menace section of the game is not an exception to this rule.

While evading sea creatures in underwater caverns, or fighting armies of droids, you will have the opportunity to collect a number of Minikit pieces. Of course, some of them will be a little bit more difficult than others. Thankfully, we have all the details you need to walk away from this section of the game with every last Minikit piece!

A Bigger Fish

Obtaining the Minikits in the A Bigger Fish mission is pretty simple. The most important element is that you should not attack the boss. If you kill the boss too quickly, you will hurt your chances of obtaining all the Minikits. Instead, you shouldn’t aim any of your torpedoes at it, just aim for the studs and the Minikits. Don’t worry, more than enough of them will still hit the boss. It is hard not to hit it. The first two Minikits (“Back to School” and “Small Sub Solution”) will appear during your encounter with the first monster.

The second encounter is more of the same. This time, however, three Minikits will appear (“Bubble Trouble”, “Pop Goes The Minikit”, and “Back-to-Back Bubbles”). Just aim to shoot those bubbles, and do your best to avoid hitting the boss, and you should finish with all five pieces of the Minikit (and most likely enough studs to clear the True Jedi achievement as a bonus).

The Boonta Eve Classic

The first available Minikit will be available when you diverge to the right at the very first fork in the path. Just stick to the right from the beginning and you will collect the "Fork In The Road" Minikit piece. The path will merge and then you will enter through a canyon that leads to a service ramp. After the service ramp area, there are three paths that go through stone arches. The one in the middle has a boost pad (typically it is what you will aim for if you are trying to win the race), the one on the right, however, has the "Arch Canyon" Minikit piece.

After leaving the canyon filled with stone arches, you will enter a cave. Veer to the left and you will pick up the "Laguna Caves" Minikit piece. After leaving the cave, just keep to the right whenever you see a forking path. Eventually, that will land you the "Waldo Flats" Minikit piece. Lastly, just before you hit the finish line you will encounter the "Spare Parts" Minikit piece on the left.

Better Call Maul

The first piece is right at the beginning of the stage. Just turn around and you will see it. Now, lift a few platforms with the force, and hop up and claim the "Double Back" Minikit piece. The next piece is found on the main bridge that runs down the center of the room. Near the end of it, there will be a panel on the ground that can be smashed with a plunging jump attack. After you smash the panel, you will need to pull out the cylinder with a droid or a rogue-type character. So, this is one Minikit piece that will need to be obtained in the free-play mode.

Just remember that you can check the map at any time to get the locations for these pieces if you get turned around.

This stage has five cleaning droids found throughout. While most of them are available immediately, one of them is only available once Darth Maul throws the debris around the stage, making a bridge to the disconnected platforms. After crossing the bridge of debris, take the elevator up to the second floor to find the final cleaning droid. Once you destroy all five you will get the "Who Cleans The Cleaners" Minikit piece. Now, on the right side of the map, there is a platform filled with junk on it. Break all of it to reveal the button pieces underneath. Build the buttons, press them, and stand on the platform. It will rise up and you can claim the Minikit piece.

The final piece is located in the pit in the room where you fight the final stage of Darth Maul. Just drop down and grab the railing, scoot over, and you will claim the "Tempting Fate" Minikit piece.

Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed

While the Minikits aren't hard to find here, very few of them are obtainable during the story mode. You will need to come back in the free-play mode with a whole host of different character types in order to claim the majority of them. We're going to start with the Minikits you can obtain in the story mode. There are five droids flying around the perimeter of the stage. Shoot them down and you will gain the Probe "Droid-Palooza" piece of the Minikit. And that is it.

Now, playing through in the free-play mode, find the statue base with four cyan-colored pieces scattered around it. Use a Jedi to lift the pieces with the Force and assemble the statue piece by piece (don't worry, it won't allow you to place them in the wrong order). Once you do, you will receive the "Bombad Statue" Minikit piece. Next, run over to the gold statue and blow it up with a bounty hunter-type character to obtain the "Shiny" Minikit piece.

Now, head over to the silver crate. Using a Villain class character, throw a grenade at it and you will receive the "Not The Catapult We’re Looking For" Minikit piece. Lastly, move to the giant safe with a crack in it, select a scavenger-type character, and use their breaker blaster tool to blow it open. This will get you the "Safely Guarded" Minikit piece.

For claiming the "Safely Guarded" Minikit piece, having a scavenger-type character is not enough. You need to also have completed Rey’s introductory segment in Episode 7. Otherwise, you will not have unlocked the scrapper’s tools.

Now This Is Podracing

Just by completing the level normally you will obtain the "Vultures" Minikit, which just requires destroying Vulture droids. While you are shooting down the communication dishes, look to shoot any antennas you see as well. There are four of them covering the different surfaces of the ship. Some are on top, on the bottom, and on the outside of the ship. They are a lot easier to find if you have upgraded the collector detector skill twice. However, you can find them without it, too. Once you blow the fourth up you will obtain the "Bad Service" Minikit piece.

The next Minikit is only available in the free-play version of the stage. Fly into the giant translucent disk to start a race challenge. You need to fly into each of the giant translucent green targets. You have lots of time, and the next target is always visible from the previous. So, after you hit one, look around for the next one before you start moving again. You need to acquire the gold rating to get the "Neat Trick" Minikit piece. Don't worry if you don't get it the first time, you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Once you have progressed to the inside of the ship, just shoot everything. Destroy all the MTT transporters and you will get the "Not-So-Empty MTT" Minikit piece. Shoot all the droids you see and you will also acquire the "Not Nailed Down" Minikit piece.

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