LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: All Minikits In Every Episode 4 Level

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A New Hope is one of the starting points for the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. And much like the other episodes, with every stage comes a whole host of Minikits that are just begging to be collected.

From the easy-to-miss Minikits zipping by you during your assault on the Death Star to where to find all the Mynocks hidden on Leia's ship, there are plenty of well-concealed Minikits that you are going to encounter throughout your adventure. Thankfully, where there is a guide, there is a way!

Boarding Party

Let’s start with the one Minikit you will be able to earn in the story mode. When you get to the section of the stage where you need to shove a hologram-generating machine around, you will eventually be attacked by Stormtroopers who burst through the doors on either side. Once you dispatch the Stormtroopers, enter the room through the hole they made. Take the Gonk droid inside and drive him until he is standing on one of the buttons. Backtrack a little (to where the fire was); there is another rideable droid there that you can place on another button. Then just position your two characters to receive the “Gonk This Way” Minikit piece.

Don’t jump down to the level below until you find both bats, as you won’t be able to get back up.

The first Mynock is just in the back room (near the second cluster of Stormtroopers you fight). It will require that you use Leia to bypass the computer. Watch out, the floor in front of the door to this room will give out, so don't stop running! Look to the ceiling; you will see a grapple bar. Grapple up and shoot the second Mynock.

In the section of the stage where you can build the water cannon robot, look up; now, use a scoundrel-type character to shoot open the trapdoor above. Hop up and kill one of those Mynocks. Now, backtrack to the water cannon spot. Look for a door that requires a Jedi. After opening the door, jump down the hole with the Jedi and complete a little obstacle course. You will be rewarded with the “An Acrobatic Mission” Minikit piece. Continue down this path to kill the last of those Mynocks to gain the “Mynock! Who’s There?” Minikit piece.

Now, continue along this path until you find a room decked out with a dance floor. Just take out the Stormtroopers, and use your Jedi mind trick to "distract" the rebels. Then, once the floating orb explodes, rebuild it to receive the “Rhythm Rebels” Minikit piece. Continue through the rest of the stage as normal. When you get to where the escape pod is, open the door to the room that is directly opposite it. It will be filled with junk; destroy all the junk and build the “Storage Wars” Minikit piece.

Hunk Of Junk

Take a hero-class character to the back of the stage and use them to hack the terminal. Now, when the giant doors open, drag the giant metal boxes to either end of the conveyor belt. This will get you the “Docking Bay Storage” Minikit piece.

Use a villain-type character (you can just wear the Stormtrooper armor as well) to interact with the other terminal; this will open a bay that contains two Gonk droids. Ride one of the droids to the front of the Millennium Falcon and park it on the plate reserved for it. Go open another bay using a villain unit, revealing a conveyor belt, drive the other Gonk droid into this bay, and leave them on the plate here. You will be rewarded with the “Lost Property” Minikit piece.

The “Emergency Exit” and "Secret Stack'' Minikit pieces will be available after you drop the satellite onto the Millenium Falcon. Just explore the rooms that opened up, releasing Stormtroopers. One will have the Minikit Piece assembled and ready to take; the other will require you to break some junk and assemble the Minikit piece.

If you close the shutters with R2-D2 you will lose access to these Minikit pieces.

The final Minikit piece will only be available in the free-play mode, as you need a scavenger to get it. Look for the bay that requires a scavenger's Net Gun. Use one to shoot nets and climb up to get the “High Maintenance” Minikit piece. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have completed Rey's tutorial in Episode 7 to have access to the Net Gun.

Best Leia’d Plans

The majority of these Minikit pieces will require that you come back in the free-play mode. Instead of taking the elevator, you are going to want to use a Hero character to grapple up to the second level. Just go to one of the platforms in the center of the stage (where the endless pit is) and jump up and grapple to the railing up above. From here, you will be able to locate a tiny MSE droid. Shoot it!

Once you travel up the elevator, you will reach the third floor. Make your way down until you reach a hallway and fight your way past all the Stormtroopers. You will reach a ladder; climb it and turn around. You will see a grapple point. Use a hero character to pull it down, enter the room, destroy another MSE droid, and break all the objects until you find the Minikit pieces. Assemble the Minikit to acquire the "Breaks Over" Minikit Piece. Once you leave the room, search the third floor for the last MSE droid. Destroying them will earn you the "MSE Trap" Minikit piece.

Now, go to the center of the stage (with the bottomless pit) and look for a platform that has two barricades. From there, drop down and use your double jump to get onto the ledge below. The "Glide to Provide" Minikit is waiting for you. Go back up to the third again. Go back to the center of the stage and look for a giant turret above one of the doors, and use a scoundrel character to shoot it down with the scoundrel ability. It will fall and break open the door. Enter through the hole, and interact with the computer to pull the line taut. Then, slide across it and take out the Stormtroopers on the other side. You will acquire a keycard.

Use the keycard to unlock a room that contains two Stormtroopers watching TV. You want to beat them up and steal the power generator they are using to power said TV. Take it to the locked doors and plug it into the empty generator slot. That will earn you the “Do You Mind?” Minikit.

Finally, take the elevator and enter the detention center control room, but instead of entering into the room, just walk the other way. You will find the “Priorities” Minikit sitting in a room.

This Is Some Rescue

At the beginning of the stage, get the password from the terminal using a protocol droid. When you encounter the commander with the card key, the one who runs behind a bunch of Stormtroopers, you will see a giant set of doors with golden supports behind said Stormtroopers. Once you take all the Stormtroopers out, use a bounty hunter to melt the golden supports and enter into the special edition room. There is also an MSE droid in this area. Destroy it.

Then in the special edition room, use the protocol droid on the terminal near the green screen. This will get you the “Password Protected” Minikit piece. Then head over to the opposite side of the room, stack up the boxes using a Jedi character, and cut into the box on the second floor using your lightsaber. This will earn you the “Stacked Up” Minikit piece. Now, continue the stage as normal. When you enter a room with a large number of Stormtroopers and a bunch of barricades, clear it. Then, look for the little MSE droid and shoot it. There is a villain terminal there as well, interact with it while using a villain unit and claim the "Rebels In Disguise" Minikit piece.

In that same room is another door with gold supports. Melt them using a bounty hunter. In the room that opens up, use a protocol droid. This will extend the bridge as well as some polls. Go to the bridge section now, use a Jedi to swing up the poles and you will find the "Twirling Around" Minikit piece.

Cross the bridge and destroy the final MSE droid. This will earn you the "MSE Hunt" Minikit piece.

Stay On Target

Acquiring all the Minikit pieces in this stage is pretty straightforward and can be done on your first run. Firstly, while you are flying through the narrow corridor in the first part of the stage (shooting down turrets) make sure to shoot down the Minikit that is floating in the center of the pathway. This is the "Teeny Tiny TIE" Minikit piece. Not long after, a Minikit masquerading as a TIE fighter will whiz past you; shoot this one down too, to acquire the "Teeny Tiny TIE Returns".

Entering into the wide-open arena where you will be contending with Darth Vader's ship, shoot the four satellite dishes that line the walls here to get the "Minimalism" Minikit piece. While you are at it, look for a conspicuous panel on the wall left of where you entered, and shoot it to reveal the "Not Up to Code" Minikit piece. Finally, look for a small Minikit piece just floating around; this is the "Small Probe-lem" piece.

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