LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Minikits In Every Episode 8 Level

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  • Dameron’s Defiance
  • Master Codebreaker-Out
  • No Snoke Without Fire
  • Chrome Dome Down
  • Ground A-Salt

The Last Jedi is the second-last episode in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. And with it comes another healthy helping of Minikits hidden throughout each section. But no need to feel overwhelmed, everything you need to uncover their locations is provided here.

From the Minikit pieces scattered around the exploding hanger to the Minikit piece locked away in the strange ship attempting to flee the Dreadnought, there are a few of these tricky collectibles that may stump you. Luckily for you, we have done all the necessary footwork and collected all the solutions to these little puzzles in one place.

Dameron’s Defiance

This is a rare example of a mission where you can acquire every Minikit piece without having to repeat the mission in the free-play mode. The first two Minikit pieces can be found by simply clearing out the Dreadnought’s deck. Destroy the 10 window-like panels to earn the “Window Cleaner” Minikit piece. While you are doing that, destroy all seven of the antennas on the Dreadnought to obtain the “Straight To Voicemail” Minikit piece.

After you clear out the deck, fly around to the belly and shoot open the compartment with a big red seal on it to blow open the hull and earn the “Trash Collector” Minikit Piece. During the second phase, there will be a strange-shaped ship flying around you. It is shaped almost like a giant bullet. Destroy it and you will earn the “Where Are You Going” Minikit piece. There will be a TIE Fighter attempting to escape in the third phase; destroy it to get the “TIE’d Together” Minikit piece.

Master Codebreaker-Out

In one of the cells, there is a silver chain guarding a lever. Blow it up, and then use the blocks around to build a pipe that leads to the Minikit contained in a safe. Once you do so, pull the lever, blowing up the safe, and providing you with the “Pipedreams” Minikit piece. After driving the gonk droid onto the power plate, and opening the cell with the statue of a guard, destroy the piece of art in the back corner of the cell. Then, build a Minikit using the pieces. This will earn you the “Rose By Any Other Name” Minikit piece.

In the guard’s quarters, look up. Way up. Use a character with the grappling hook ability to climb up to the roof and grab the “Rising Strong” Minikit piece. In the guard shack, use the trampoline to hop up to the protocol droid command console. From there, use a protocol droid to obtain this level’s password. Jump down and go to the cell that has the other protocol droid console. Input that password and the safe in the room will open. You may now take the “In Safe Hands” Minikit piece.

In another cell, the switch you need to open the door is in the cell itself, meaning you will need a Jedi to get it. Once you have reattached the switch, pull it and open the cell. Now, use a hero-class character to unlock the command console. This will reveal a bunch of pictures featuring Han-Solo, Rose, Chewbacca, and Maz. Just hit the buttons to arrange all the photos and you will unlock the “Masterpieces” Minikit piece.

No Snoke Without Fire

Move through the space station is pretty slow here. However, along your way, there will be diverging paths. Each one leads to a Minikit piece. Use the force to open the first set of doors you come across on your left. Inside there will be three wheels. Spin each wheel using the Force to claim the “Spinning Around” Minikit piece.

In the next diverging path, you will see a giant maze. Lead a ball-like power cell through this little maze. You will affect the walls blocking the power cell by plugging, and unplugging an oddly shaped LEGO piece into the empty spaces on the right of the maze and in the center of the maze. Once you get the power cell all the way to the box, it will open up revealing the “Puzzling Power Cell Path” Minikit piece.

During the fight with the Praetorian guards, the “Good Enough” Minikit is just sitting behind the throne. Grab it and you will have acquired all the Minikit pieces.

There are two pieces that are only obtainable in the free-play mode. In one of the side rooms, you will need a bounty hunter to melt the gold support section on the structure in the middle of the room; then you just need to hit all the targets as they spin around. Your reward for doing so will be the “Furiously Fast Firing Range” Minikit piece. This puzzle also provides a healthy amount of studs.

In the large open area, where you can see the kitchen from the outside, you will need an astromech droid to create the bridge to get to the tower (which is off in the middle of nowhere). Then, climb you will climb the tower using your grappling hook, and finally, use the second astromech console to open up the container and claim the "Tricky Techno Tower" Minikit piece.

Chrome Dome Down

In the first phase of the fight, there will be a BB-8 droid to the right of Phasma. Destroy it. You are going to need to destroy three of them to get the Minikit piece.

In the second phase of the fight, the BB-8 unit you need to destroy will be to the left of Phasma, up high on one of the docking platforms. Shoot it. There will also be a crate with golden locks. Use a bounty hunter to melt the gold and claim the “Golden Opportunity” Minikit piece. There is also a malfunctioning lift in the back corner. Use a hero-class character to grapple the bar on the side of it, bringing it down. Then ride it to the top and obtain the “Through Fire and Flames” Minikit piece.

During the third phase of the Phasma fight, look behind the giant turbine to find the “Loose Kits Sink Ships” Minikit piece. You will also find the final BB-8 droid on the opposite side of it. Shooting that BB-8 will earn you the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Minikit piece.

When you are in the AT-ST, shoot the pile of junk to the right of the screen. The appropriately named “Junk Pile” Minikit piece is contained within.

Ground A-Salt

Nearly every Minikit will for this mission requires a character type that is not available in the story section. So don't worry about obtaining the Minikit pieces until you come back in the free-play mode.

For starters, in the area where you build the drilling machine, use a force user to lift boulders, revealing the “Caved In” Minikit piece. Hold onto that force user and go to the hanger with the giant doors. Use the elevator to go to the second floor. There you will see a partially completed picture. Destroy the objects in the area to find the other pieces. Now, use that Jedi to build the picture and obtain the “Rebuilding Hope” Minikit piece.

On your way to the giant doors, you should see a wall with a notable crack in it. Use a scavenger to shoot the cracked rock wall with their Breaker Blaster and get the “Crackdown” Minikit piece. After you punch through the crystal tunnel, backtrack and find a room with a feeding tray and a food dispenser. Drag the tray under the dispenser, fill it with food, then drag it back again. A bunch of Vulptex will come and feed on it before leaving you with the “Vulptex Food” Minikit piece.

Lastly, use a bounty hunter to destroy the gold bars on the cage in the protocol droid tunnel and you will earn the “Crate Expectations” Minikit piece. With that, you should have every Minikit located in Episode 8.

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