Linda Hamilton Will Play Sarah Connor In Gears 5's Terminator: Dark Fate Pack

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, at the end of its Gears 5 presentation, it teased a crossover with the Terminator franchise by showing one of the titular robots holding Gears of War’s iconic chainsaw lancers, but it didn’t offer many other additional details.

Appearing on The Game Informer show, however, Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson offered a few more details. The Terminator content will be called the Terminator: Dark Fate Pack (to coincide with the film) and it will include the T-800 (with a small redesign which you can see with the lights on the chest above), and Sarah Connor who will be voiced by Linda Hamilton. Fergusson says he will be recording with Hamilton in about two weeks from the time of recording, and she will probably do a lot of yelling.

You can watch the full Terminator/Gears 5 chat below. For hands-on impressions for Gears 5 at E3, head here.
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