Linda Ronstadt’s Spotify Listens Jumped 4,900 Percent After The Last Of Us Episode 3

The Last Of Us HBO's third episode left millions of us with shattered hearts on Sunday night as it retold the tale of Bill and Frank, greatly changing that chapter of the first game. Turns out quite a few people were unsurprisingly moved by the song that anchored the episode as its listens on Spotify went through the roof less than an hour after the episode debuted.

Revealed by Spotify (thanks, NME), apparently listens of Long, Long Time by Lisa Ronstadt rose by a massive 4,900 percent between 11 pm and 12 am on Sunday night, so the first full hour after episode three had come to an end. “Oh, so all our hearts were breaking last night,” Spotify tweeted, sharing the figure which is compared to the same hour the week prior.

That figure only applies to the US, so was likely even more impressive as others around the world streamed the song over and over right after the episode and have contiued to do so throughout the rest of the week. Although Ronstadt presumably knew her song was being used in the show, it still must have come as quite the shock if and when she checked her Spotify numbers on Monday.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, look away now as there are minor spoilers ahead. Long, Long Time was included in the episode on a couple of occasions. First when Frank tries to play it on the piano before Bill takes over and shows him how it's done, a touching moment that ends with their first kiss. Ronstadt's version of the song plays at the end of the episode via a tape Ellie finds in Bill's car.

If you're still reading, that presumably means you have seen episode three. If the brief look into Bill and Frank's life wasn't enough for you, there's apparently a two-hour version of the episode that needed to be edited down for TV. No word on if that version will ever be released for public consumption, but it's likely a lot of people are dying to see it.

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