Live Discussion About Facebook Account Requirement For Oculus

At 1 pm Pacific today we’ll be meeting live in VR to discuss the major policy change that will soon require all new Oculus headsets be connected to a Facebook account.

We should have some special guests joining us for this discussion today about the enormous change which is simultaneously both expected and incredibly divisive. At the same time, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey didn’t exactly see this one coming even when lots of VR enthusiasts did. And does the change even matter? What’s changing about VR once Facebook attaches your name and real identity to your activity in simulated space? Facebook claims it is about safety and finding friends, but doesn’t this move also encourage people to set up fake accounts? We’ll discuss all that and much more in today’s episode.

Tune in here at 1 pm Pacific to see the discussion. We’ll of course be syndicating this out to podcast platforms after airing live, but if you have any comments or questions please tune in during the show and drop your thoughts on the Facebook news into the chat box. Please be sure to subscribe to our UploadVR YouTube channel so you get notifications for future episodes as well, and we look forward to seeing you and your comments.

There’s still lots left to learn about the coming changes, and we’ll discuss some of that on today’s show, but in case you need to catch up on the news quickly, read the article summarizing what’s coming or watch the video Zeena put together explaining what we know about the coming changes right now.

Check that out here:

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