Lonesome Village: Guide To Earning Hearts

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With friendship serving as the primary mechanic in Lonesome Village, it’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself completing a lot of requests for the local animals. Because freeing them from their Tower prison wasn’t favor enough, right?

Either way, everyone you’ve freed will return to the village of Ubhora, where they can be visited at their house and befriended. These bonds are formed through fetch quests for normal NPCs and by spending money with shop owners, but since you need friendship to continue saving new friends, it’s a worthwhile use of your time to make some pals around town.

The Friendship Mechanic

Your journey with an NPC begins when you free them from the Tower. After they’ve given you their brief introductory spiel, you see them exit the Tower, and from then on, you can find them in or in the vicinity of their home someplace around Ubhora.

They tell you the area in which they live, but for a complete look at who’s where, your map is labeled with where villagers live, as well as if they have a quest for you. These will be separated into three subcategories, with ones denoted by a gold star being necessary to advance the story. Other quests give more background to the world of the game, while others simply advance the heart ranking of whoever you’ve helped.

It's important to note, however, that in order to level up the friendship of shopkeeper NPCs, you need to patronize their shops. The dollar amount you need to spend seems variable, so prepare to part with some gold in exchange for not only cool furniture and supplies, but also for friendship as well. They may sometimes ask for food before they can get to work, so check out our resource guide if you need help with locations.

Additionally, when you rescue a family or group of animals all at once from a floor, the collective friendship is leveled up by talking to the leader of the group. For example, though you can talk to Benji the banker pig’s children, they offer no quests and don’t have individual friendship meters. However, once you’ve maxed Benji’s friendship, he and his children will appear in the Polaroid with Wes. Whoever spoke to you in the Tower after you rescued the group is who you’ll need to talk to.

Several of these requests will involve bringing flowers back to the NPC giving you the quest. For a full rundown on how to garden in Lonesome Village, check out our full Guide To Gardening.

Friendship Quests In The Village

Below are the NPCs who live in the village of Ubhora, as well as what they’re asking for as part of each quest and what they’re offering Wes in return in addition to closer friendship.

For this guide, hearts are an assumed reward for these quests. Every quest will pay out hearts with the NPC who gave it to you, so we'll list what they offer beyond that in our guide.

NPCs In The Village

Earl5 TwigsThe first fishing rod
Photo of the monster statue from the final level of the TowerLink's outfit
Catniss And Yoko3 Pink FishYour shovel
5 Carrots35g
CogsPostal Outfit, 75g
Cat toy50g
Dorothy And Her BandLollipop25g, Key
Small Guitar100g
Row And Minerva*2 Succulents and 3 Bamboo10g
3 Caladium and 3 Orchids10g

Row is the exception to the shopkeeper rule; his friendship is leveled up by giving flowers to his daughter, Minerva.

Friendship Quests In The Forest

Between resource hunting, visiting Justin for woodworking, collecting food from the café, or just navigating through town, you can bet on Wes visiting the Forest quite a bit. While you’re there, check in periodically with the following NPCs for new quests.

NPCs In The Forest

Noise15 Berries and 5 Apples25g
3 Figs, 3 Strawberries, and 3 Bananas35g
3 Oranges, 3 Pomegranates, 3 Pears35g
Mocty4 Orchids25g, Key
5 Sunflowers60g
6 RosesKeytar, Song
6 Tulips75g, Key
Ms. Sue3 Pear JamsTarot Cards for the last shrine floor
Crystal BallBlue Potion
Photo of the ghost in the GraveyardGreen Potion
Book of History100g

Friendship Quests In The Mountain

The busiest area of Ubhora outside the Village itself, the Mountain is a rather populous area populated by a collection of vastly different, interesting NPC villagers. From blacksmiths to alchemists, settled families to wandering warriors, here’s everyone who has a quest for you in the Mountain.

NPCs In The Mountain

PeteA toy car50g
A robot toy(No additional reward past hearts)
JenkoPhoto of the eagle statue in the Desert50g
Photo of the piranha plant in the SwampFrog Toy
Photo of the dragon statue in the JungleKey
CalyHylian Shield and Crossed Swords from Robert'sThe tools for Gama King's men
Princess CrownThe book for Ms. Sue
CooperBlue PotionKey
Green Potion50g
Purple PotionDía de los Muertos sugar skull
The MolesCrossed Tools from Robert'sGolden Pickaxe Handle
2 Amethyst, 2 Emerald, and 1 RubyThe gem for Didi's engagement ring

Friendship Quests At The Beach

Serene and scenic, the Beach offers quite a lot in the way of resources, fishing, and NPCs to befriend. Below are the following NPCs who live on the Beach, as well as what they'd like from you.

NPCs At The Beach

MatokaHer BowKey
Potted plant from the jungle75g
Gama KingEquipment for his soldiersKey
1 Frog Toy50g, Key
3 Frog ToysSaxophone, Song
3 more Frog ToysPirate Costume
Ned1 Flounder and 1 Squid40g
Metal Detector50g, Key
Flich1 Green Fish, 1 Pink Fish, and 1 ShrimpSecond Fishing Rod
1 Marlin, 1 Sea Cucumber, and 1 GoldfishThird Fishing Rod
Fish Anna out of the ocean300g

Friendship Quests In The Swamp

Though you don't get into the Swamp until about halfway through the game, there are a handful of intriguing NPCs waiting here to befriend.

NPCs In The Swamp

MicryPlaying Hide and Seek (Three Times)30g, Key
50g, Frog Toy
Ninja Outfit
Atzin1 Red Jelly and 2 Orange Jellies75g
2 Pie Slices and 2 Long Banana Cakes100g
1 Long Banana Cake and 1 Red Jelly120g
Lilly5 Strawberries and 10 Apples25g
10 Oranges and 10 Bananas35g
10 Pomegranates and 10 Figs55g

Other Friendship Requests

While the Desert and the Jungle both have their purpose to serve for the story of Lonesome Village, in terms of NPCs, both areas are pretty sparse. There’s only one animal with a quest in each area, so we combined them into one table for you below.

Miscellaneous NPCs

DidiJungle1 Tulip and 3 RosesFlute, Wind Song, Jungle access, fast travel
Engagement Ring300g
NashDesertPhoto of the dinosaur fossil in the MinesKey
The nozzle and glass for his milkshake shop50g
A slice of pie75g, One milkshake
2 Red JelliesAnother milkshake

Now that you know where everyone is and what they want, go forth and make some friends.

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