Lost Ark: All West Luterra Vista Locations

The West Luterra continent of Lost Ark has a total of seven vistas to visit. They’re well spread out, with no more than one in any area and two of them being in dungeons. If you’re trying to get to them all to help complete your Adventurer’s Tome, you’ll find details of how to find them all below.

The West Luterra Tome is worth getting to 70 percent relatively quickly, as you’ll get the ‘Stretch’ emote — which is useful both in certain quests and for rapport. You'll also pick up both a rare and epic card on the way. Vistas are a guaranteed chunk of the Tome and are relatively easy to complete, so they're well worth investing a little time in.

Battlebound Plains – Battlebound Plains Vista Location

Starting from the Front Outpost Triport, head along the north path towards the Luterra Castle portal. You’ll pass through an area that opens up, and is full of demons. Just as you leave, still heading north, the Battlebound Plains vista is on the left of the path.

Gray Hammer Mine – Grayhammer Mine Dungeon Vista Location

Head into the dungeon, down the lift, and through the guarded gate. Keep heading north until you get to the big battle just before the minecart garage. After defeating the enemies here, but before getting in the mine cart, you’ll find the Grayhammer Mine vista in the northwest corner of this area.

Medrick Bridge – Medrick Monastery Vista Location

If you start from the Nahun’s Lift Triport, head to the west and take the lift. Head south along the bridge and about halfway along the first section you’ll come across the Medrick Bridge vista.

Monument Of King Luterra – Brilliant Ridge Dungeon Vista Location

Enter the Brilliant Ridge dungeon (in either Easy or Hard mode) and work your way right to the end. After defeating the final boss demon, follow the path north and up the stairs to the Monument of King Luterra. The vista location is to the left of the statue.

Old Lakebar Tree – Lakebar Vista Location

From the Lakebar Encampment Triport in the north, head east towards the Medrick monastery portal. You’ll pass through a large area to get there — stick to the east side of the map as you go through the abandoned camp, looking for a large waterfall. When you see the waterfall, walk through the rocks there east into a secret passageway.

At the end of the passageway, you’ll find two Mokoko Seeds, as well as the Old Lakebar Tree vista location (south of the tree).

Rakuni Forest – Bilbrin Forest Vista Location

Find your way to the Spring Refugee Outpost. As you leave it, go south and then follow the eastern path into the ruins occupied by Rakuni. Right at the back (southeast end) of the ruins, at the bottom of some steps, you’ll find the Rakuni Forest vista.

Zagoras Fortress Entrance – Mount Zagoras Vista Location

Leave Zagoras Fortress by the long southeastern path. Stick to the right (south-side) of the path as you head away from the fortress. There’s a small nook near the end of the path. In it you’ll find the Zagoras Fortress Entrance vista.

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