Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – How To Defeat Barzai’s Guardian

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After two fairly challenging boss fights, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 takes a step back and slows down a smidge. Wendigo and Atlach-Nacha were monstrous enemies in their own right, so a break is definitely due. For this down period, you get to take out the relatively mundane, Barazai’s Guardian.

Barazai’s Guardian is not that big, it’s not that fast, and it’s not that powerful. It’s a straightforward slog with an enemy who has just enough punch to take you out if you get cocky, but not enough to tackle a player who goes in prepared. Barazai’s Guardian is just a meaty beatstick.

Barzai's Guardian’s Attacks

Barzai’s Guardian only has one attack, but this is made up for in other ways (see Mechanics). Barazai’s Guardian will run up to you and try to punch you. If the punch lands, you take a hefty chunk of damage, and you are stunned. This Stun can be devastating as it can lead to more damage, especially if you are surrounded by Barazai’s Guardian's minions.

Barzai's Guardian’s Mechanics

Speaking of minions, this fight starts with a bunch of Red Cultists scattered around the arena. These guys will summon monsters and tentacles to get in your way and inflict (mostly) Acid damage. We found that these Cultists summoned more often than normal, but they died just as quickly as a regular enemy.

The trick to this mechanic is to kill all of the Cultists. They don’t respawn, so once they are dead, they are gone. This will reduce the number of enemies you need to deal with from summoning mechanics. Not only that but once the final Cultist is killed, Barazai’s Guardian is stunned for a prolonged period.

Which Character To Use

This fight requires mobility and damage more than anything else. Because of that, the Detective and Witch are excellent choices. They both have great damage, and their roll/teleport lets them get around the arena effectively. The Witch in particular can straight up avoid most obstacles whilst doing this.

Battle Strategy

The strategy here is to immediately go after the Cultists. Use every trick you have to close the distance and assassinate each of them. Once the last one is dead, focus all of your fire on Barazai’s Guardian. Barazai’s Guardian doesn’t have much HP, so concentrated fire is devastating – especially if it is stunned and can’t move.

It is possible to kill Barazai’s Guardian during this stun period, ending the fight before he can land a single swing. If Barazai’s Guardian does recover then keep your distance with your mobility tools and chip away at the last of its HP.

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