Magic: The Gathering Arena To Host Post Malone Brawl Event

It's no secret that Post Malone is a huge Magic: the Gathering fan, and that's turned into a growing partnership with Magic designer Wizards of the Coast. He's done ads for Magic, played with Magic content creators, hosted his own tournament where he put up $100,000 to play Magic against a fan, and he's even getting his own Secret Lair drop. He's also spent way more on a single Magic card than most people do for an entire collection.

Now, Wizards is continuing to partner with Post Malone with a special event in Magic Arena. Post Malone's Arena Concert Event runs from October 20 to October 24 and has no entry fee. The format is Historic Brawl where the players are provided five preconstructed decks to choose from. And while Brawl is usually 60 cards, these decks are all 100 cards, so it's more like playing a Commander deck.

Each deck will be played with a Malone avatar and players can earn Posty-themed sleeves after each win (up to five wins). Those sleeves include a Posty-Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest. There are also a collection of stickers available for purchase in the MTG Arena store.

As for the decks, you'll have five 100-card decks to choose from that each has a singer/songwriter-themed commander. These include A-Ellywick Tumblestrum; Rakdos, the Showstopper; Rootha, Mercurial Artist; Firesong and Sunspeaker; and Korlessa, Scale Singer. They all seem to be equally fun and powerful, but I have a soft spot for UR burn control.

Post Malone's Arena Concert Event starts in one week, so mark your calendars to earn some fun goodies. And in case you missed it, there's a Lord of the Rings crossover coming to Magic, and Wizards of the Coast expects it to be a banger.

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