Magic: The Gathering’s Head Designer Reveals His Unfinity Teasers

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Unfinity preview week. Magic: The Gathering’s head designer Mark Rosewater will join communications manager Blake Rasmussen in giving us our first good look at some of the cards to come in Magic’s fifth Un-set.

But before that, Rosewater has given us a "mega-teaser" over on his personal blog. This teaser teases "even more than normal," with Rosewater offering dozens upon dozens of brief descriptions of cards that are set to arrive with Unfinity.

Some of these teasers offer helpful clues on what to expect. Beebles are coming back in at least one card, although given they're practically the Un-set mascot, there will likely be many more than just one Beeble in Unfinity. There's also going to be "a cycle of 'fill in the blank' cards," "a card that makes flying Cat tokens," and "a card that enchants your graveyard."

However, some of Rosewater's descriptions are more than a little obtuse. For example, "a planeswalker that doesn’t do what you say" sounds like it'll be the worst possible card in Magic, while "a card that gives you a resource to pay costs that no card has ever granted before" could be anything.

And then we have a few quotes that Rosewater included that are presumably parts of actual cart texts. "As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose a word with five or more letters" sounds like it might be a powerful option for control, such as a counterspell or an enchantment. A card that reads "any number of printed Clown Robot tokens that aren’t touching each other, that you hid on the battlefield" sounds like it'll have a hilarious effect along the lines of Unglued’s Chaos Confetti.

Rosewater ended his list with a few interesting card types, such as "Artifact Creature – Clown Robot Mime," "Creature – Minotaur Child Guest," and "Legendary Creature – Elephant Mouse Performer."

Hopefully, some of these descriptions will be expanded upon in tomorrow’s WeeklyMTG.

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