Mario Fans Debate Which Character Should Be Removed From The Series Forever

Times are tough out there. Tech companies around the world are laying off staff as everyone expects a recession to hit in the next few months–assuming we're not already in one. So far, we haven't heard about any layoffs at Nintendo, but you gotta assume there's going to at least be some belt-tightening at the home of Mario.

And with that in mind, I felt that this ResetEra thread from user Spring-Loaded was especially topical. Not every Mario character draws in the kinds these days, so Spring-Loaded asked: "If you could erase one Mario character from existence, who would it be?"

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how could any character in the Mario universe be considered expendable? They’re all beloved stars of their own games and irreplaceable options of both the Mario Kart and the Mario Party franchises.

But honestly, would anyone really notice if Daisy took a hike? It’s been decades since Donkey Kong was even remotely interested in her, and Peach pretty much has a lock on the damsel in distress role. Daisy just sort of shows up in Mario Strikers to remind people that yes, the Mario franchise does indeed have some female characters.

"Daisy sure does exist," noted user HMS_Pinafore. "She is a character that is sometimes there."

The thread also had a lot of hate for the baby characters, such as Baby Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. Toad was also mentioned as a character that was sort of irrelevant, like the world's biggest filler character for when you can't think of anyone else to fulfill the role.

Perhaps the most controversial name that was frequently thrown around the thread was Waluigi. "Of the regulars, Waluigi is the worst," wrote one user, seconded by another who added: "Waluigi is a crime against humanity." And sure, that's true, and Waluigi gets even less screen time than Daisy (for obvious reasons), but he also has a massive following that would surely riot if Nintendo were to ever officially axe him.

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