Marvel Officially Names The Big No Way Home Cameos

Spider-Man: No Way Home had a few big cameos, namely Darkman, Robocop, Kick-Ass, and Nic Cage's Ghost Rider. Oh, spoilers. While none of those appeared (or did they?), the film did have some cool cameos, cameos that now have names.

Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home ahead.

The big ones are Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, Peter #3 and Peter #2 respectively. That's what they went by in the movie, anyway – but what about when they have the mask on? You can't very well go around shouting Peter when he's fighting villains. His identity would slip right back into the public eye. So Marvel has given the two their own prefixes. Andrew Garfield remains the Amazing Spider-Man while Tobey Maguire is now the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, taken right from two different comic runs (thanks, DigitalSpy).

That leaves Tom Holland's Spider-Man – is he going to stick simply to 'Spider-Man' as he did with 'Peter'? Maybe, but that's a bit boring. His first three films had the 'home' moniker but what the next three will use – if he does have another trilogy – remains to be seen. Some fans speculate that he'll be the Spectacular Spider-Man or even the Ultimate Spider-Man, what with the MCU lending so heavily from that universe.

We'll find out shortly if the Spider-Man 4 reports are to be believed and no, not the Sam Raimi ones. Sorry Maguire fans.

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