Marvel Snap Launches On October 18

Following a closed beta over the summer, Marvel, Second Breakfast, and publisher Nuverse have announced a full launch date for their digital card game designed to be played in short, three-minute bursts, Marvel Snap.

The game will be getting a full launch for iOS, Android, and PC on October 18, five months after its beta began back in May. As of today, you can also sign up for a re-registration to ensure you have access to the game first when it launches.

As shown in the new trailer revealed at the D23 Expo, Marvel Snap differs from lots of other card games by having each player take their turns simultaneously. Spread across three different battlefields, your goal is to collect more “cosmic cubes” by playing various heroes and villains from across the Marvel Multiverse. Each game is much shorter than competitors like Marvel Spellslingers or Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, with each game only lasting approximately three minutes and decks being made of a much more manageable 15 cards.

A big part of the game is the ‘Snap’ mechanic, that can be used to double both the risk and the reward – use your Snap when you’re winning to surge ahead, or use it when you’re clawing your way back to give yourself a much-needed boost. Combine this with having to plan where your opponent will push the advantage next, and the result is a card game much more focused on bluffing and mind games than many others.

It’s not been a problem-free beta for Snap, with Second Lunch having to quell a player revolt following one of its first ‘Nexus Events’ – effectively loot boxes with abysmal chances of pulling the cards you wanted. Following a particularly explosive backlash from players, Second Lunch backtracked and decided to completely remove loot boxes, refund players, and cancel all future Nexus Events. Despite that, our own Eric Switzer still rates the game highly, calling it his “most anticipated game of the year”.

At launch, Marvel Snap will have “more than 150” cards, with “more than 80” locations you’ll be able to split your matches across. However, post-launch updates are planned, with the roster planning to be expanded on monthly.

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