Marvel Snap Player Becomes The First To Hit Max Collection Level

Marvel Snap launched last October and many of you likely have pretty impressive collection levels. However, none of you have a higher CL than a player who simply goes by Aaron who has become the first player to hit its ceiling.

Highlighted by Marvel Snap Decks (thanks, IGN), a clip of the very top of Aaron's CL screen can be seen below. Hitting level 22,366, and earning everything there is to earn through the CL track, Aaron now has nowhere to go. The dedicated player has taken to Marvel Snap's Discord in their quest for answers, and they got one.

Marvel Snap developer Stephen Jarrett was the one to declare Aaron's work a world first, but when it comes to what they can do now, it's a mixed bag. The bad news is yeah, Aaron really has maxed out their collection level. The good news is the track will be extended via a future update. For now, there's nothing more for Aaron to earn.

As for how long it has taken the player to hit CL 22,366, they've not been playing since October 18, 2022, like most Marvel Snap players. Aaron was one of the lucky few who had the chance to play Snap's beta, registering CL long before most of us were logging hours in what unsurprisingly won Mobile Game of the Year at The Game Awards. They've also spent a lot of money on the free-to-play game, investing $400 to $500 per month.

The good news for Aaron when it comes to unlocking more rewards via its collection track is Snap is supposed to be getting an update later this week. An update that will add the ability for players to battle friends if the new mode is ready to go. Hopefully for Aaron, it will also add some new collection levels, giving them more to unlock. Its creators will certainly be keen to keep someone spending that much occupied.

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