Marvel Snap Player Imagines What Stan Lee Card Would Be Like

Marvel Snap's new season will be underway by the time you read this, adding even more cards, heroes, and villains to what is already a very stacked roster. There is still so much Marvel history to pull from in the future too, and one fan has created a concept card should Snap's developers ever want to make Stan Lee a part of the game.

Prior to his passing in 2018, and even a little while after that since the cameos had already been filmed, Lee would appear in Marvel movies and even the odd game. It only makes sense that the man responsible for so much of what we see in the countless Marvel projects today would have a presence in Marvel Snap. As you can see below, one player has already suggested the energy, power, and ability the comic book creator should have.

While the fan-made card doesn't have any power of its own, which makes sense since Lee is a real person, not a superhero, when and where it's played determines what the card can become. Choosing from some of Lee's most famous creations, the card turns into the Hulk if your opponent has no cards at its location in turn five, Spider-Man if it gets moved, and Wolverine if destroyed.

It's just a concept for now, of course, but Snap players have already been highlighting potential issues with those abilities should the card ever become a reality. Others have been suggesting different abilities for a Lee card should one ever be introduced. Making Lee's ability Excelsior and automatically awarding both players eight cubes appears to be a pretty popular choice.

The vast pool of cards already available in Marvel Snap was expanded today as its The Power Cosmic season adds She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, and more. As for fan creations outside of a Stan Lee card, one Marvel Snap player has already imagined what their favorite Rocket Raccoon card would look like if it were to physically manifest. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any plans to make Marvel Snap a physical game for now.

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