Marvel Snap’s Agatha Harkness Is The Easiest Way To Farm New Cards

When I unlocked Agatha Harkness, my first thought was, “wait, what?”. Agatha is a unique Marvel Snap card in that she takes control of your deck for you, playing cards from your hand as an AI. The problem is, she’s not particularly good at the game.

The one rule Agatha abides by is that she will play herself at the earliest opportunity, and will play the relevant cards to enable that. She works well in a Destroy deck, if you have Hela. Lady Sif discards Agatha, allowing you to take control of your deck as early as Turn 5. Play Hela in Turn 6 to retrieve the 14 Power Agatha from your graveyard and win, basically. I don’t have Hela, as I seem to lament in every article I write about this blasted card game, so I’m doing something different with Agatha.

I’ve popped her in a generic deck with a few synergies. It’s got Jubilee to play good cards, Storm to lock down locations, and the classic Devil Dinosaur/Moon Girl combination that Agatha sometimes understands. Morph’s in there too, doing Morph things. But I don’t care about winning with this deck, I just care about building my collection and getting new cards.

How does it work? Well, this is an AFK farming deck. I don’t have to think like you do with a movement deck, I just click end turn six times a match and collect six boosters, which automatically go to Agatha. Generally at Gold and Diamond rank, I’ve stayed at around the same level without even playing the game. I tap while I watch TV, I tap while I work. It only takes a second and no concentration, and I get lovely lovely boosters out of it. All Agatha boosters, but boosters all the same.

Once I’d collected 500 boosters, I had enough to split her three times. That means increasing her card rarity to Infinite, which costs 155 boosters. When you get to Infinite, the card ‘splits’, granting you a new one with a cooler background to upgrade again from Common to Infinite. I don’t know if there’s a limit to this, but it’s more than three. Upgrading cards is also the only way to progress your Collection Level.

Unlike your rank, your Collection Level does not showcase your skill. It’s just how much of the game you’ve played. You get six boosters for completing a match, win or lose. Usually they’re for random cards in your deck, but as we already know, Agatha hoards them for herself, likely to stop everyone from using her to farm boosters for better cards. Increasing your Collection Level is the only way to unlock cards. Yes, there are some Variants in the shop, but new cards? You’ll need to level up.

So that’s what I’m doing with Agatha. I’m spending my evenings grinding without even paying attention, and Agatha is growing more beautiful and more holographic with every passing match. Sure, it costs Credits, too, but you earn about 500 of them a day just by doing your missions, so they’re not a problem. It’s 1,525 Credits to upgrade a card to Infinity, which is three days of play. Just using Agatha for eight games a day is enough to keep pace with your Credit earnings, and keep upgrading her.

In Pool 3, you’ll get about four Season Caches every time you split Agatha. That’s four chances to get a new card. Four chances to get Hela, specifically. For three quarters of an hour of mindless tapping while I do something else every day, I’ll take it. I’ve got a hell of a long way to go in Pool 3, but Agatha is pulling up my Collection Level like Captain America at the gym. I won’t use her when I want to actually rank up, but that doesn’t matter. Hela, I’m coming for you.

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