Marvel Snap’s Warriors Of Wakanda Season Launches Ahead Of Black Panther 2

Marvel Snap launched last month and appears to have attracted an awful lot of people during its first season. The next big test for the superhero card game will be retaining those players as it continues to attract more during its second season, and that task begins today.

Marvel Snap's seasons are four weeks long and the first was themed around symbiotes and Miles Morales. Since season two has kicked off just three days before Wakanda Forever arrives in cinemas, it only makes sense that season two is based around Black Panther. Named Warriors Of Wakanda, the new season is live now and comes with some all-new rewards (via VG247).

The new season gives Snap players a number of new card variants to unlock, as well as Black Panther boosters, gold, and credits to earn as you progress through the new battle pass. Some unlockables are available to everyone, while a few are locked behind the £8.99 premium version of the pass. The new challenges are also themed around Black Panther, the first of which being dubbed “drink the heart-shaped herb” challenges.

When you log in to Snap for the first time today and get cracking on the new season, you might also notice your rank has been significantly lowered. Don't panic, that's not a mistake. Everyone's rank has been dropped by three tiers, unless you were less than three tiers above iron as that is the lowest rank you will have been dropped to. So if you finished season one on diamond, your rank will have now dropped to silver.

So begins your journey to creating a new deck for a new season, potentially based around the Black Panther cards you've already acquired or you will acquire in the coming days and weeks. Okoye is a low-cost, low-power pick worth having in your hand since she will give the rest of the cards in your deck additional power when played. No sign of the promised PvP update as part of the new season, but apparently it'll be rolled out before the end of 2022.

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