Marvel’s Avengers Fans Think We’re Getting Iron Heart, Yelena, Or Shuri Next

Marvel's Avengers hasn't been the huge hit Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics hoped it would be. Problems that plagued it at launch have delayed and drastically altered the road map the studios had in mind, not to mention caused the game's player base to drop off at a far faster rate than anyone would have envisioned. That had many of those who still play Avengers fearful the game would stop getting updates moving into 2022.

While nothing has been officially confirmed quite yet, a leak revealed She-Hulk will be added to the roster later this year. Despite the lack of official confirmation, Krizia Bajos, who will voice the hero, shared the tweet leaking the news and then deleted it. Now Miller, the same leaker who revealed the She-Hulk news, as well as a list of heroes planned for the future back in 2020, claims someone will be coming to Avengers before She-Hulk.

Suffice to say, if Miller leaked it, then it's probably accurate. Miller won't reveal a name but has provided enough clues that players have narrowed it down to a pretty tight list. Sadot The Gamer has assembled those clues in order to form that list and narrowed it down to six potential names. Among the not-so sinister six are Yelena, Captain Carter, Shuri, and Iron Heart.

The first clue is that the mystery character will be an echo. Not the Echo we were recently introduced to via Hawkeye, but an echo character which is basically a hero already in the game reskinned to look like someone else. It's also no one from the list Miller originally leaked in 2020 which rules out Scarlett Witch, Vision, and Dr. Strange. The hero won't be from the Spider-Man branch of Marvel and is also female.

That's how players have arrived at the shortlist of six potential characters. All of them could be reskinned versions of heroes who have already been added. Shuri as Black Panther, or Iron Heart as Iron Man, for example. Miller has also highlighted that even though this mystery hero will be an echo, She-Hulk will not. When She-Hulk arrives she will presumably have her own move set and not simply be a female version of the Hulk who has been playabale since launch.

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