Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Apothecary Vessel Locations

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  • Glowing Apothecary Vessel Location
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  • Empty Apothecary Vessel Location
  • Weathered Apothecary Vessel Location

When you’re not beating up the bad guys in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll be relaxing with the rest of the superheroes at The Abbey. This ancient magical site is far from a chilled-out picnic site, though. It holds many secrets, which you can explore at your own pace.

You can find reagents to craft with and mysteries to solve, as well as lots of items that form collections. As well as adding to the rich storyline, these also give you rewards such as cosmetic items but also currencies and combat items. Here we’ll fill you in on where to find all the Apothecary Vessels in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

You will not be able to complete this collection until you have all four Power Words.

Glowing Apothecary Vessel Location

Once you have Power Word Open, head west from the Abbey and up the slope that ends at a wall. Remove the wall with Power Word Open and head through towards the Elemental Altar.

Before you get to the altar, you’ll see rough stone steps on your right just before an archway. Go up the steps to find the Glowing Vessel in a basket on a stone plinth.

Sealed Apothecary Vessel Location

From where you found the Glowing Apothecary Vessel, go through the archway right of the Elemental Altar to find another wall you can blast with Power Word Open. Go down the steps on the other side into Whispering Wood.

Walk past the turn on your left and shortly after, on the left, you’ll see the Sealed Vessel in a basket on a fallen stone pillar.

To find the remaining four Apothecary Vessels, you’ll need to have learned Power Word Break.

Fractured Apothecary Vessel Location

Fast-travel to the Whispering Wood and head south across the Fairy Circle. You’ll see a piece of the damaged wall. Destroy the wall with Power Word Break, and you’ll find the Fractured Vessel on the other side, in a basket on the floor in front of a stone altar.

Murky Apothecary Vessel Location

Go back across the Fairy Ring and along the path to another section of a broken wall. Break it down with Power Word Break and follow the path north on the other side, deeper into Whispering Wood.

The path turns a little to the right before ending at a stone altar surrounded by two curved stone benches. The Murky Vessel is on the bench on the left.

Empty Apothecary Vessel Location

From the spot where you found the Murky Vessel, you can see a broken stone bridge pointing northeast across the stream. Go up the small hill to it, and you’ll see a Power Word Reveal symbol on the left at the foot of the bridge.

Stand next to the symbol (not on the bridge), use the power word, and the bridge will be restored. Head across the bridge towards the altar at the end, but just before you get there, go up the small hill to your right.

The Empty Vessel sits on a small stone plinth next to some ruined stone columns.

Weathered Apothecary Vessel Location

Just past the Empty Vessel is a blockage on the path you can clear with Power Word Purify. Follow the path beyond it to the end, where the Weathered Vessel awaits you on a stone plinth.

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