Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How To Solve The Old Midnight Suns Mystery

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All the combat action in Marvel’s Midnight Suns happens in your daily battles, as you put together a team of three superheroes and battle against Lilith’s Hydra minions. But before and after each battle you’re free to roam around The Abbey and its grounds in search of clues about your past.

As you explore, you can unearth mysteries you can then solve for rewards. These can include cosmetics such as color palettes or costumes, or various currencies, rare single-use items, and blueprints. One of these mysteries revolves around the statues of former Midnight Suns that you’ll find around the grounds. Below you can find out how to solve the Old Midnight Suns Mystery.

You will need to have learned all four Words of Power before you can complete this mystery.

Starting The Old Midnight Suns Mystery

You can begin the mystery at the very beginning of your exploration of the grounds. Leave the Abbey via the southwest exit and follow the path as it heads southwest across the stream, across a bridge made of wooden planks. On the other side, embedded in the cliff face, is a shrine with a tall statue of a hooded figure.

Approach it, and you’ll have the option to pay respects. Do so and the statue’s eyes will light up. You’ll then see a cutscene that shows the four statues that face each other just outside the southeastern exit of the Abbey. One of those statues’ eyes will also light up, and the Midnight Suns Mystery will begin.

The Second Old Midnight Sun Statue

The second statue you need to pay respects to is to the west of the first Blood Gate. The easiest way to get there is to fast-travel to Valley of the Winds. From the arrival point, follow the path south over the bridge and immediately turn right (west) on the other side. The second Midnight Sun Statue is set into the wall at the end of the path.

The Statue At Everflowing Glade

Once you have all four Words of Power, fast-travel to Everflowing Glade and take the path south towards Gideon’s Cross. Just as little way beyond where you break through the wall to go south, you’ll get to a crossroads of paths. Look left (east) here, and you’ll see the third statue. Pay your respects, and the third statue’s eyes will light up back at the Abbey.

Completing The Midnight Suns Mystery

Use fast travel to go over to the Garden of Envy. From there, take the path northwest from the crossroads and break through the blockage on the path. Shortly beyond the blockage, you’ll see a path heading right (north) toward the cliff wall. Follow it to the end, where you’ll find the final statue you need to pay your respects at.

Once you’ve done so, the mystery will be concluded. More importantly, a Legendary Arcane Chest will appear between the four statues outside the Abbey.

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