Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hunter Challenge Mission Guide

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In Marvel's Midnight Suns, every character has a rare but powerful Legendary Card that you can earn by completing that character's Challenge Mission. These cards are game-changing, providing powerful effects to turn the tide in any mission.

The first Challenge Mission, and subsequently the first Legendary Card, that you will unlock is the Hunter's. Below, we'll go over how to unlock this Challenge Mission, and how to beat it to earn the Hunter's Legendary Card, Bladestorm.

How To Unlock The Hunter's Challenge Mission

To unlock Challenge Missions, you'll need to research the Forged in Hellfire project at the Forge. This is a level four research project, and requires you to complete four missions with Ghost Rider to unlock it. After completing this research, construct the Armory by spending 175 Credits, and Challenge Missions will be unlocked.

Typically, you will need to raise a hero's friendship to its maximum level to unlock their Challenge Mission, but the Hunter is different. The Hunter's Challenge Mission will immediately unlock after constructing the Forge.

How To Complete The Child Of Darkness Challenge Mission

Challenge Missions are essentially puzzles that have special rules, unlike normal missions. In the Child of Darkness Challenge Mission, you have infinite card plays, but Redraw and Move are disabled, and the mission will fail if you run out of cards to play.

Your objective is to destroy the crystal to acquire the Bladestorm card. Follow the steps below to easily complete this Challenge.




Start by using Charge on enemy 1 (to the left of the Hunter), knocking it back to the right, so that it doesn't die by hitting the wall.


Use your second Charge on enemy 2 in the back corner, knocking it directly into the wall and killing it to obtain another Charge.


Use your third Charge on enemy 1, this time adjusting the angle all the way to the left. Make sure not to knock the enemy into the wall.


Use Charge on enemy 3 in the front corner of the area, knocking into the wall and killing it to obtain Whip.


Use your final Charge on enemy 1, knocking it near the crystal. Then, use Whip to knock it into the crystal, destroying it and obtaining Bladestorm.


Use Bladestorm on the black crystal to destroy it and finish the Challenge Mission.

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