Mass Effect 4 and Anthem 2.0 in ‘very early development’ claim insiders

BioWare has started work on not only a new Mass Effect but a revamp of Anthem that may turn it into almost a brand-new game.

Work on a new Mass Effect game is in ‘very early development’ at BioWare Edmonton, according to the latest rumours but it’s not expected to be released for many years.

In a report primarily about Anthem, Kotaku mentions that the project is being led by Mike Gamble, who was a project manager on Mass Effect 2 and producer on Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda.

That means his most senior role was on the two most controversial entries in the series, with no mention of series creator Casey Hudson’s involvement – even though he returned to BioWare back in 2017.

Given the time frames involved the new game – which may not be called Mass Effect 4 but we’re willing to bet will not be Andromeda 2 – will be a next generation game on PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

It also sounds like it will not be released until after Dragon Age 4, which EA recently confirmed will not be out until after April 2022. So fans are in for a long wait.

At the same time it’s claimed that despite its poor reception, EA and BioWare are not going to abandon Anthem and instead are planning a revamp nicknamed Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next.

When that will happen is unclear though, with the companies currently trying to work out whether the change should happen via multiple updates or one big expansion.

If and when it happens, Anthem could then be re-released, almost as a new game, although the plan is not to expect current players to pay for it twice.

The plan is for BioWare to overhaul the loot, quests, difficulty, progression system, world map, and the social aspects – which doesn’t really leave much not to change.

These changes may include breaking the current open world map into smaller parts, which will allow them to be changed more quickly and without affecting the whole game at once.

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