Mass Effect Andromeda: How To Romance Jaal

Bioware loves a good romance and Mass Effect: Andromeda is no exception. The game is filled with all manner of humans, aliens, men, and women (plus a mono-gendered alien) that players can spend some time with, get to know, and ultimately share an intimate moment with.

A popular choice for romance is Jaal Ama Darav, Angaran warrior and native to the Andromeda galaxy. Originally only an option for a female Ryder, Jaal is now available to romance as both male and female. The Angara are a never-before-seen race for Mass Effect, so this is a chance for Ryder to make first contact in a whole new way. Here is how to sweep Jaal off his feet.

Recruit Jaal

It makes sense, but in order to romance Jaal, you’ll have to recruit him! Luckily that will happen automatically as you advance the game. Jaal is actually the last squad member you recruit, but you won’t have to wait that long for him.

You’ll need to complete all the main missions up to and including A Better Beginning on Eos, then head to Aya. You’ll pick up Jaal there. Nothing you say to him at this point will impact the romance though, so feel free to say whatever best fits with your Ryder’s personality.

Speak To Him On The Tempest

After you’ve left Aya, Jaal will have made himself at home on the Tempest and you’ll be able to speak to him. He can be found in the Tech Lab. At first, there won’t be any romantic dialogue options, but there will be friendship options. They’re the ones that look like a silhouette of two people.

You will have to complete quite a few main missions before the romance dialogue options open up, which happens after you rescue Moshae from Voeld in A Trail of Hope.

Complete Friend Or Foe? Part One

Starting the second part of a Trail of Hope will also unlock a multi-part mission relating directly to Jaal: Friend or Foe? There are three parts, but they are quite short, and deal with Jaal’s search for Akksul, the xenophobic leader of the Angaran splinter group, the Roekaar.

The first mission takes place on Havarl, where you’ll have to find Thaldyr, an Angaran who may know where to find Akksul. Just follow the map marker to his house and take care of a group of Kett outside. Once this section is completed Friend or Foe? will be on hold until you’ve advanced the story further.

Make Sure You Keep Speaking To Jaal

It should be obvious, but you’ll want to make your intentions clear by speaking to Jaal and selecting romance options whenever they’re available. It’s a good idea to check in on Jaal every time you return to the Tempest, just to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities for a flirt.

As before he’ll be in the Tech Lab. You might also want to complete the Armor Diplomacy mission from Liam. It’s not necessary, but it’s nice and easy to complete, and will also help you see a new side of Jaal.

Go To Kadara And Complete Friend Or Foe? Parts Two And Three

The second part of Friend or Foe? will be available once you have visited Kadara. Hunting the Archon will also trigger when you land on the planet. You can do either mission first, so it’s up to you whether you stay on Kadara or return to the Tempest and check your emails for Jaal’s next mission.

Friend or Foe? part two contains quite a bit of running around fighting Roekaar back on Eos. The third part will be available straight after, is very short, and takes place on the Tempest.

Complete Flesh And Blood

Finishing Friend or Foe? will automatically trigger Jaal’s main loyalty mission, Flesh and Blood. In this mission, Ryder and Jaal finally catch up with Akksul and end his threat for good. It will begin with an email from and conversation with Jaal, after which you’ll head back to Havarl.

The mission will end with the choice to kill or spare Akksul. If you kill Akksul Jaal will be upset and refuse to talk to you for a while, but this does not end the romance.

Meet Jaal’s Mother

Once you’ve completed Flesh and Blood and Hunting the Archon, Jaal will send you an email about meeting his mother, Sahuna Ama Darav. They’ll be an opportunity to give Sahuna a hug via a narrative action during the scene, so stay alert for that.

Assuming you have been selecting the romance options in dialogue, this is also the time you can commit to the relationship. Doing so will end any other flirtations you might have been having with other characters on the side. You can always save before this mission if you want to see multiple romances play out.

Watch The Love Blossom

Following the Journey to Meridian mission, you’ll be able to declare your love once again in a conversation on the Tempest. He will then invite you via email to his favorite place on Aya, a romantic spot by a waterfall.

We won’t spoil the scene, but it’s very much NSFW, so be careful about who is looking over your shoulder. There are a couple of narrative actions you can undertake during the scene; be ready for those and hit the button if you want to.

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