Mecha Cyberpunk Iron Guardian Made In Just 10 Days Released On

Most games take years to make, making developing them feel daunting. That's why time-limited game jams are so useful. They force people to get something out and practise their skills. Spelunky, Goat Simulator, and Super Hot all started off as game jam projects. Well, this mecha cyberpunk game, Iron Guardian, was made in just ten days, and it looks awesome.

Made by gypynkt during the Game Creator game jam, the game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving over combat. In it, you play as a pilot fixing up an abandoned mecha that you can then use to traverse the neon cyberpunk environment.

While the current game is only two to three hours long, the developer does have plans to keep updating it and fleshing it out. The first things the developer wants to address are adding more SFX, story, and puzzle design. Naturally, seeing big robots makes people want to blow stuff up, but the dev replied, combat "will be more 'The Last Guardian'-esque than straight up action combat."

The developer has been very open on Twitter about how they managed to make such a good-looking game in just ten days. First, they worked for 13 hours each day, but say it "definitely felt like double." Second, they purchased assets that would have been too timely to create themselves, such as 3D models and animations. The concept, UI, mechanics, and level design were all made by the dev.

If you're wanting to get into game development yourself and think this looks too far out of your reach, the developer said they only started getting into the hobby two years ago, without any coding knowledge, so go for it!

If you want to try the game out for yourself you can download it on now.

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