Metal Max Xeno Reborn: How To Get Pochi To Join Your Party

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The future that Metal Max Xeno Reborn imagines is disastrously bleak. There's nuclear war, drastic climate change, a second ice age, and bizarre animal-robot-hybrid-kaiju-tank-things running amok! Most human life has died, and the remaining survivors are in critical condition. So is there any hope apparent in the dystopian world of Desert Tokyo?

Luckily, one of Earth's most fantastic friends and companions still exists in the apocalypse. Yup! We're talking about cute, loyal, reliable doggos! (Sorry, cat people, but do we really need more cup-tipping in armageddon?) Pochi, your party's canine companion, will become a vital asset in your adventures. However, you'll have to find them first before they join your party. Eager for that fur fix? Here's everything you need to know.

What Does A Canine Companion Do?

A canine companion serves a support role in your party. While you cannot directly control their actions, you can teach them skills and equip them with weapons that will aid you in battle. Besides attacking foes, dog companions can dig for items, ward off foes with a fierce bark, and heal other party members. Plus, they offer the joy of friendship only a pup can provide!

Fun Fact: Canine companions even has a skill called Pee, which warns your party when a battle with an enemy is too much for you to handle.

Mankind's Best Friend

The subquest required to add Pochi to your party is called Mankind's Best Friend. It will begin when you hear a cry from somewhere in Toyomi Well.

Hear A Cry

Looking for the source of the dog's wailing is similar to a game of Marco Polo. The closer you are to the pup, the louder and more evident the barking becomes. Here are the directions to Pochi's location:

  • Head down the well's canal to a pile of debris on the left side.
  • The pile of debris cannot fit your tank. You'll have to descend your vehicle and travel through the debris by foot.
  • Once past the debris, turn left and walk down the road to the abandoned garage.
  • You'll see a carcass alongside a fallen collar and chain outside the damaged garage door. This area is where the dog has been hiding.

Lay The Bait

After finding the dog's location, your next task is to lure them out of their hiding spot. Therefore, you'll have to lay down some bait. You'll get presented with three options. Choose Ant Legs. This treat is the only dog food you'll have at this early stage of the campaign.

Doggie Time

Once you lay your bait, you may feel eager to meet your new dog pal. First, however, you'll have to exercise patience. Interacting with the bait immediately after setting it down will prompt dialogue that suggests you wait for the dog to feel comfortable enough to leave its hiding spot and accept the bait.

So, what can you do to pass the time? If you still feel restless, you can continue exploring the Tokyo Desert. However, we suggest returning to Iron Base and resting for a few days for faster results.

Return to where you set your bait after a few days have passed. You'll discover Pochi outside eating the bait if you've waited long enough. Interact with Pochi to add them to your party. You can even give them a different name if you prefer! However, for clarity's sake, we'll stick with Pochi (plus, we love the name).

Here's an easter egg: Make sure to investigate the abandoned garage where Pochi is hiding thoroughly. If you look hard enough, you'll find a note, possibly from the dog's original owner.

Equipping Pochi With Weapons And Armor

Pochi's equipment menu is similar to regular party members, albeit on a smaller scale. They can equip one weapon, one piece of armor, and one accessory. Furthermore, they have one skill tree for learning new abilities. Upon taking Pochi back to Iron Base, you'll receive a cannon for them immediately.

You can find your first dog accessory on the other side of the garage where you found Pochi. This treasure is inside an unopened crate. The accessory, Pochi Yellow, grants significant electric resistance.

Interacting With Pochi

When stationed at Iron Base, you can spend quality time with Pochi. These actions help cement a bond with your dog and can even give them skill points for learning new abilities. Here are some of the activities you can do with your canine companion.

  • Pet The Pup: An affectionate action to boost your dog's morale. The game recommends petting your pup a lot for a job well done.
  • Feed: Feed your pup with various consumables, such as Ant Legs, Beast Flesh, Slimy Cells, or Doggie Chow. Feeding your puppy doggie chow will give them skill points.
  • Shake: A trick you can teach your puppy. This skill takes time to learn.
  • Beg: Another trick you can teach your puppy. This skill also takes time to learn.

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