Minecraft Bedrock Version Is Coming To PS4 Tomorrow With Crossplay

The love for Minecraft around the world is so great that party lines have been crossed between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, as Minecraft: Bedrock for PlayStation 4 will allow the game to have crossplay with different systems.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time and it’s enjoyed by people all over the world. One of the barriers that have prevented people from enjoying the game with their friends is a lack of crossplay on certain systems. It’s possible for people who own a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One to play Minecraft with each other, which was something heavily promoted in a commercial for the game, while Sony was less eager to play ball in regards to crossplay, even when their competition had no problem allowing it.

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Sony is finally letting the other kids play in their yard, as Minecraft: Bedrock will be available tomorrow and will allow people who own the game on PlayStation 4 to play with their friends on other systems, including the mobile version of Minecraft, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows 10. According to the PlayStation Blog, the Bedrock update will be free for everyone who already owns the game. They will be able to download it tomorrow.

Minecraft Bedrock will also allow PlayStation 4 players to access the Minecraft Marketplace, which will allow them to purchase different kinds of content for the game, including texture packs and adventure maps.

Sony’s bullish attitude towards crossplay has done them no favors over the past year and it’s good to see the company start to loosen its grip in regards to the competitors. Minecraft’s availability on so many platforms is so widespread that Sony came off as needlessly obtuse in denying crossplay for so long, while Microsoft and Nintendo were celebrating their cooperation in their promotional material. The Minecraft Bedrock will put an end to the divisions between players and finally allow all Minecraft fans on consoles to enjoy the game together.

Minecraft: Bedrock will be available on December 10, 2019, at 8:00 am PST.

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