Minecraft Resource Pack Adds Mario Kart Cars

Have you ever wanted to pretend you are playing Mario Kart while actually playing Minecraft? Well, you're in luck. A new resource pack has been uploaded for Minecraft that turns the boats in the game into pixelated karts from the Mario racer. Now, you can pretend you are an Italian plumber racing through the blocky streets of the Overworld.

Over on Reddit, user Cirelectric announced the creation of their “Standard Kart Resource Pack” for Minecraft. The pack is based on the Mario Kart racers and is currently free over on Curse Forge. Along with the announcement, they also shared a quick 30-second video of how the karts look in-game. The clip shows off the 12 different styles the karts can be. It also shows the kart in action, racing around on land and then gliding across the water.

Following the link takes you to the pack’s page on Curse Forge, where some more information is offered. A detailed photo of one of the karts shows that each includes a working steering wheel, wheels, and brakes. It also breaks down the six types of material used for the karts that correspond to a classic racer from the Mario game.

Using Acacia grants you karts that resemble Mario and Bowser karts. Birch gets you Luigi and Waluigi, while Dark Oak resembles Peach and Daisy karts. A Jungle option makes it look like the Donkey Kong kart or Custom Barrel kart. Meanwhile, Oak offers the Custome “E” and Golden karts. Finally, Spruce will make your kart resemble that of Yoshi and Rosalina.

The pack’s page also shares that the kart includes a working propeller. As seen in the Reddit video, the karts can traverse both land and water. It is also mentioned that to utilize this pack, players must have Optifine the Minecraft optimization mod that supports HD textures and other configuration options.

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