Minecraft Teams Up With National Trust to Recreate Dorset’s Corfe Castle

In celebration of Minecraft’s The Wild update, Microsoft is partnering with the National Trust to create a Minecraft build of an actual castle. A video presentation of the pixilated reconstruction of Corfe Castle in Dorset will be presented in the hopes of engaging a younger generation with the importance of historical landmarks.

The build is being handled by Grian, a Minecraft YouTube creator, and will be presented via a video showcase hosted by British presenter and historian, Alice Loxton. This video presentation launches ahead of the Festival of Archeology, the UK’s biggest annual celebration of archeology held by the National Trust. It all culminates at Corfe Castle, where attendees can participate in demos to re-imagine their own versions of the castle.

As part of the goal of the project, a Minecraft: Education Edition package of the Corfe Castle experience is being developed. This will support the long-term positive impact of the project, as well as benefit children in classrooms all across the UK.

One of the Archeologists at the National Trust, Martin Papworth, praised the partnership for getting a younger generation involved in the history of the UK. “We are pleased to partner with Xbox and see young people engaging with the UK’s rich historical heritage through the help of technology," he said. "We cannot wait to see more inspirational designs by more young minds”.

Meanwhile, Grian has nothing but great things to say about his experience re-constructing the historical landmark. Plus, he is pleased that the project will aid in educating younger minds: “The fact that this will have an impact on education is what makes this project extra special for me. Using gaming to enhance learning is something I never experienced at school, but I’m so glad that some students today get to.”

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