Minecraft: Where To Get Enchanted Books And How To Use Them

There is no doubt that Minecraft has a lot to offer, thanks to the ton of different mechanics, biomes, and creatures. You will always find something to do even if you've played for hours on end. The game may seem simple at first but as you dive deeper into Minecraft you will notice how complex certain aspects of it are extremely complex.

Enchanted books are among one of the items that can be the hardest to fully understand due to how many of them there are and how you acquire them. An enchanted book, just like the name itself suggests, is a book that has an enchantment that can then be used on another item with an anvil.

How To Find Enchanted Books

As you explore Minecraft, you will inevitably come across some enchanted books without even looking for them. You may find enchanted books inside chests in bastion remnants, desert temples, dungeons, mineshafts, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, and woodland mansions.

Fishing is another great way to get your hands on enchanted books without getting into a lot of trouble. If you want to increase your chance of finding more valuable items such as this one, it's always best to have a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment. With a regular fishing rod, the chance of catching an enchanted book is slim at merely 0.8 percent. The number increases to 1.2 percent with Luck of the Sea I, then 1.5 percent with Luck of the Sea II, and lastly 1.9 percent with Luck of the Sea III which is a significant difference. You might want to consider building yourself an AFK fishing farm, though.

How To Craft Enchanted Books

Just like a piece of armor or a tool, books can also be enchanted via an enchantment table. To craft an enchantment table all you need is four obsidian, two diamonds and one book. Place the book in the middle square on the top row, then two diamonds with obsidian between them in the middle row and, at last, three obsidian in the bottom row.

Then, you can increase how powerful your enchantments are by placing bookshelves around the enchantment table. To be able to reach level 30 enchantments (the maximum), you will need at least 15 bookshelves. However, to be able to enchant an item with such a high-level enchantment, you'll need to earn a lot of experience points, especially since a few levels are always consumed after making an enchantment. Thankfully there are lots of different ways to gain XP in Minecraft.

You can craft your own books with three paper (crafted from three sugarcanes) and one leather. Alternatively, you can search village chests and shipwrecks which will surely have them in chests. Once you've got everything you need, placing a book and some lapis lazuli on the enchantment table is all you have to do in order to make an enchanted book.

How To Buy Enchanted Books

Librarians are probably the most useful of all the villager professions. Librarian villagers trade bookshelves, which when broken drop three books (unless you're using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment), and they will trade up to three different enchanted books depending on their profession level.

If you're not happy with the enchantment a librarian villager sells as a novice, you can remove and then place his working station once again to reset his trades, or you can wait some time and they will eventually reset. Both these methods only work if you have never traded with said villager before. If you want to know more about trading in Minecraft, we have a complete guide that is sure to help you out.

How To Use Enchanted Books

To use an enchanted book, you will first need an anvil. You can craft an anvil with three blocks of iron and four iron ingots. Place the three blocks of iron on the top row, one iron ingot on the square in the centre in the middle row and, lastly, three iron ingots one on each square in the bottom row.

When you open the anvil menu, you will have to place the item you want to enchant on the first slot of the anvil and then the enchanted book on the second slot. The anvil will let you know how many levels it takes to combine the two so as long as you've got them you're good to go – your item will have the desired enchantment that was previously in the book.

The anvil can also combine books to increase the number of enchantments a book has. It can also combine the same tools and items to repair them but unlike the grindstone, it won't remove the enchantment on the combined item when you take it out of the anvil.

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