Modder Adds Joel And Ellie To God Of War, Complete With Lead Pipe

A modder has added Joel and Eliie to The Last of Us, complete with a lead pipe replacing the Leviathan Axe.

When it comes to PlayStation exclusives, there are now usually two games that come to mind – The Last of Us and God of War. These two titans are some of the most well-received games of their respective generations and are some of the titles that people point to when arguing about the status of games as art. So, what would happen if you put the two together?

As reported by Eurogamer, that's exactly what modder Omega Fantasy has done, creating models for Joel and Ellie that replace Kratos and Atreus. Not only that, but Joel comes equipped with his backpack and the iconic Leviathan Axe is replaced with a lead pipe with a pair of scissors sticking out through the top. Now that's The Last of Us right there.

Some other cool details that Omega Fantasy has included in the mod include replacing Baldur in the opening fight with David, one of the antagonists that Ellie runs into during the second half of The Last of Us. If that wasn't enough for you, the Draugr have all been replaced with Clickers. That makes it all the more satisfying to see Joel slug the living hell out of them without much trouble.

Although the mod itself was made by Omega Fantasy, YouTuber Specilizer actually showcased the mod through their own video, taking palyers through the first hour or so of God of War with the Joel, Ellie, David, and Clicker skins installed. They also went the extra mile with the showcase, replacing all voice clips with lines from The Last of Us, which they said, "Finding and editing each of the voice lines took a really long time".

As for why they've put in so much effort to showcase the mod, Specilizer said it was to, "celebrate 2 amazing games releasing this year (GOW Ragnarok and TLOU Remake), here's both of them combined".

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