Modern Warfare 2 Has Made $1 Billion In Just 10 Days

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched last month and a lot of you have been playing it. So many people that it has become the fastest Call Of Duty game to generate $1 billion, selling through that amount in ten days.

Activision Blizzard boasted about Modern Warfare 2's accomplishments via a post on its website. The game has sold through $1 billion in ten days, breaking a record that has been held by Black Ops 2 for the past decade. According to DomsPlaying, it's actually the second-quickest time in which any game has broken the $1 billion barrier. The only game to do it faster was GTA 5.

$1 billion made so far is just one of the big numbers Modern Warfare 2 can boast. In those same ten days, people have been playing for 200 million hours and have competed in more than a billion matches. All of this after it quickly became the fastest-selling Call of Duty game ever during its first three days, selling through $800 million.

The hits will keep on coming for Call of Duty this month too. Not only because Modern Warfare 2's first season will officially begin, but also because it will also house the launch of Warzone 2. Two years on from Call of Duty's free-to-play, battle royale spin on the series, Warzone is getting a much-needed shake-up and reboot. One that is almost guaranteed to bring in huge numbers when it launches on November 16.

PlayStation and Xbox will be studying these numbers very closely. As the former fears losing Call of Duty to Xbox exclusivity in the future, Phil Spencer has confirmed the series will ship on PlayStation as long as there's a PlayStation to ship it on. Activision Blizzard also remains under investigation following allegations made against it and its higher-ups last year. An additional sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against the studio just last month.

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