Modern Warfare 2’s Second Season Is Bringing Back Hardcore Mode

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been quite the success, although the game being a hit isn't such a surprise, with the series being one of the most bankable in video games, and the multiplayer continues to ensnare millions of players around the world with its range of authentic guns, score streaks, and well crafted maps. But for a significant number of CoD players, they would prefer a greater challenge. These players, you could say, are hardcore.

And these players will be pleased to learn that Infinity Ward is planning to bring back the Hardcore mode. "No HUD? No Problem", as the developer wrote on its official Twitter account. Infinity Ward will also reveal more of Season 2's multiplayer updates in a studio blog scheduled for sometime this coming week.

Hardcore mode usually means players will play with significantly reduced health, making the shooter that much more like real life, with your character being able to withstand much fewer hits before succumbing. Limited HUD makes for a more minimalist experience while challenging players to rely on other cues to get a handle on what's going on.

Friendly Fire is also usually turned on in Hardcore so players must be more careful with the trigger as teammates can be damaged and killed. The exact details of the Hardcore mode coming in Season 2 should be revealed in the coming days, but it marks a return from Season 1. So players can expect limited HUD, a reduced health, and a very fast time to kill (TTK).

Modern Warfare 2 players seem very pleased with the news that Hardcore is returning, with many commenting "W" (for "win") underneath the Tweet by Infinity Ward. We'll find out more soon along with what else is coming in Season 2 for multiplayer.

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