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Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of places to go and explore with your palamute and palico, as you become the greatest hunter in Kamura Village. In these hunting areas full of wonders and mysteries, you will also find huge monsters that will try to tear you to pieces. But not everything is violence in the world of Monster Hunter, since you can also take time to collect pieces of information of the various locales in it, called Relic Records.

The Lava Caverns are the last region you can explore in this game, and in this dangerous area is where you will find some of the most powerful and fiery monsters, like Rathalos, Rakna-Kadaki, or Teostra. A place as volatile as this will have a lot of Relic Records for you to read, and here's all you need to know about them.

Lava Caverns Relic Record Locations

Relic Record #1

Right in the entrance of the Main Camp, you must climb up to the left stone pillar, and you will notice this Relic Record stuck on it.

Relic Record #2

From the Main Camp, go right until you reach the sakura tree, and climb up to it until you see the sword stuck in a branch.

Relic Record #3

To obtain this Relic Record, you must climb up this ledge between areas seven and nine.

Relic Record #4

In this volcanic area, climb up the southern stone pillar, and you will find this Relic Record on top.

Relic Record #5

To get this Relic, you must dive from the top level in the area 14 of this map. As you fall, use your wirebugs to propel yourself to the north side, until you see a small opening with the sword stuck in it.

Relic Record #6

In this zone, climb up the stone pillar and you will find the Relic Record sitting on the top.

Relic Record #7

From the lower levels, start climbing up the vines, but before climbing up the last one, look at the right, and you will notice a small opening, where the Record will be.

Relic Record #8

The easiest sword to find, this Relic will be sitting out in the open, at the top left corner of the map.

Relic Record #9

From the sub-camp nearby, go south until you reach the broken stone bridge, and make a wirebug jump to the south side, where the Relic awaits.

Relic Record #10

Go north from the Main Camp, climb up the vines and keep running north until you see a small opening in a stone wall. Go inside the cave where you will find this Relic Record.


Every time you get 5 Relic Records on this location, merchant Kagero will reward you with a piece of decoration for your rooms.

  • 5 Relics Reward: Rakna-Kadaki Carving
  • 10 Relics Reward: Aknosom Carving

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