Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, And Dreamshell

If you’re working on special charms, Magia items, new equipment, weapons, or high level armour in Monster Hunter Rise, then you’re going to need all the rare item you can get, and here we’re covering the Blossom Cricket, Dreamshell, and Butterfly Beetle.

These items aren’t necessarily rare, but you also won’t easily find them by wandering into MH Rise’s various areas, gathering items and carving monsters. It’s a bit more complicated than that, and will require a bit more preparation so things are in place to farm these items for you.

In this guide we’re going to take you through everything you need to know to farm Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, and Dreamshell in MH Rise so you can relax knowing you’ll eventually have plenty of items for you to craft your ideal builds with.

How To Acquire Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, Dreamshell In Monster Hunter Rise

All of these items are obtained in exactly the same way, which is why they’re all being consolidated into a single guide. If you want to earn only one of these items we have bad news – it’s impossible to narrow down exactly what you’ll receive, so you need to just take all of these items as a package deal. In addition to a few other items, actually…

The only way to obtain these items is through the Argosy. The Argosy is the submarine trading system that your buddies can passively manage while you complete quests and get down to some actual monster hunting. Only these items cannot be obtained by the Argosy directly, they can only be obtained as a side effect of farming other items.

You need to go to the Argosy and set up one of your buddies to farm for insects or mushrooms – these will have a category of their own in the Argosy’s menu. You’ll see that Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, and Dreamshell all have a possibility of appearing as a result of hunting down these items.

As such, if you want to get any of these items, you need to set your buddies up to hunt down insects and mushrooms.

How To Obtain Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, Dreamshell Breakdown

  • Obtained via – The Argosy
  • Mush trade for – Insects and mushrooms

How To Farm Blossom Cricket, Butterfly Beetle, Dreamshell In Monster Hunter Rise

If you want to earn one or all of these items as quickly as possible, then you need to make sure the Argosy is as efficient as possible. A single submarine will not serve our purposes here, you will need all three, and you can see our Argosy submarine quest guides below for the information you need to complete these quests and get the Argosy running at full efficiency.

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Economic Stimulation

Once you’ve got three submarines running you should set each trade request to hunt for a mushroom or insect. You should pick whichever you have the least of, or whatever is most valuable, in which case the Godbug is a safe bet, if you want to sell the spares later.

Leave your buddies to farm while you complete quests, and you should find that they manage to scrounge up some Blossoms Crickets, Butterfly Beetles, and Dreamshells while you’re working on other things. Make sure to set your buddies up with high-level bargaining tactics and perhaps even a Lagniapple for the best results.

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