Monster Hunter Rise Toughest Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise features some of the most ferocious monsters we've yet to encounter in the series. Many of the monsters on this list can easily cart a hunter with a single hit. That being the case, it is imperative that any hunter who squares up with these top-tier monsters is prepared for what they are up against.

This guide will outline the weaknesses and strengths of the most difficult monster in Monster Hunter Rise. Make sure to go into each fight with a strong party, appropriately strong armor, and plenty of caution.

Goss Harag

Goss Harag is a new monster introduced to Rise. It deals heavy physical damage and then switches to Ice damage when enraged. This monster has no explosive moves or area of effect moves, so it can be easily overwhelmed by a hunting party. The cold environment that the Goss Harag lives in makes the fight even harder, as Hot Mists have to be used, or else the latter part of the fight will have to be completed with no stamina.

Most Dangerous Moves:

  • Sends out a fissure toward a single target.
  • Easy to evade.
Ice Breath
  • Monster releases a beam of ice at hunters dealing high damage and inflicting Iceblight.
  • Often carts hunters.
Ice Weapons
  • Monster coats its arms in ice making its attacks significantly more powerful.
  • Attack from the back until these shatter.
Full Release
  • The ice on the monster's arms breaks apart and is flung at hunters.
  • Deals heavy damage and staggers hunters.

Goss Harag has a few weaknesses that can be exploited to end the fight quicker. Goss Harag's Head and Ice Clumps are weak to Pierce, Blunt, and Slash damage. Its Forelegs are weak to Slash and Blunt damage. It is completely immune to Water, Ice, and Dragon Elements. It is severely weak to Fire Element. In the same vein, it is weak to Fireblight and Blast status ailments.


Magnamalo is a ferocious Blastblight inflicting horror that will always pack a punch. The monster relies as much on physical damage as it does on giant blasts that can hit the entire hunting party. It is best to take Magnamalo on with ranged weapons as much as possible. This ensures that the hunting party is not clustered and cannot all be wiped out by a single explosion. Hunting Horns are a good option for this fight in order to heal the team and to negate status buildup.

Most Dangerous Moves:

Snatch and BlastMagnamalo bites a hunter, throws them into the air, and creates an explosion where they land.
Hellfire Dust ExplosionScatters explosive dust in every direction. They explode after a few seconds. Staying right underneath Magnamalo will save the Hunter from damage.
Divebomb ExplosionJumps high into the air, chooses a target, then dives toward the player. Landing causes a huge explosion. All hunters should head for the hills as soon as Magnamalo jumps.
Hellfire VortexTwirls its tail and fires a huge beam of energy toward a single target. Inflicts Blastblight.

All moves in the above table can cart a hunter immediately. Magnamalo's Armblades are weak to all forms of physical damage. The Head, Legs, and Tail are weak to Slash and Blunt damage. The Back is particularly weak to Blunt damage. This monster is Weak to Thunder and Water somewhat. It is also very slightly weak to Ice damage. These weaknesses are not enough to influence your weapon decision if it is not one you are comfortable with.

When enraged, all of Magnamalo's attacks leave behind explosive powder. When Hellfire appears on the monster's body, target those places. Extinguishing the flames will knock the monster over. Insect Glaives are also a popular weapon for this fight due to their high mobility.

Narwa The Allmother

As the final boss of the core game, it should be no surprise that Narwa the Allmother is a huge threat. Narwa is a Thunder-based monster, and will mostly focus on attacks with Thunder. Narwa spends a lot of time in the air, thus projectile weapons like Bows are valuable in this fight. Weapons like this can ensure that damage can be consistently done to Narwa, even when it is out of reach of traditional weapons.

Most Dangerous Moves:

Wind and Thunder ComboNarwa slams the ground, sending out shockwaves of wind in an X shape across the whole arena. The wind is quickly followed by a surge of electric energy. On top of this, rings of electricity pulse from Narwa's body. These rings can be dodged via Wirebug or by staying far enough away from the monster. This move will almost certainly cart a hunter who gets hit by the Wind portion of the combo. The lightning is too fast to avoid after that.
Thunder Tail SlamNarwa slams its tail down. The slam is followed up by a barrage of lighting that is cast in front of the tail. The slam is not particularly powerful, but the Thunder attack should be avoided at all costs.
Allmother AnnihilationNarwa conjures lodestones pillars to circle the arena, sucking hunters toward the center. The pillars deal high damage and knock players down. The only safe space is right under Narwa for this attack. After this, Narwa will charge energy and then blast the entire arena with a huge explosion. This move can only be dodged by climbing the floating platform that Narwa creates before executing the move.

Narwa the Allmother is extremely weak to Slash and Blunt damage in its Head and Wing Arm. All other parts of Narwa are moderately susceptible to all forms of physical damage. Narwa is minimally weak to Fire and Water damage, moderately weak to Ice damage, and highly weak to Dragon damage. Not surprisingly, it is immune to Thunder damage. Narwa can also inflict Thunderblight, which increases the stun rate of afflicted hunters.


Rajang is a terror that will be familiar to any Monster Hunter veteran. Like Narwa, Rajang is a Thunder-based monster. Unlike Narwa, Rajang has no qualms about beating hunters to a bloody pulp on top of using its elemental attacks. Support hunters are valuable when fighting this monster, as healing is invaluable. Hunters may also find that projectile weapons are helpful in this fight to keep them away from Rajang's powerful physical attacks.

Most Dangerous Moves:

Lightning BeamRajang's signature move. The monster will wind up and fire a laser of lightning at a hunter. This is usually a one-hit-KO but can be dodged using Wirebugs or sidestepping.
Jumping SlamRajang leaps into the air and slams toward the earth dealing massive damage to targets that are hit.
Lunging GrabRajang grabs a hunter and hurls them away. This throw may not kill the hunter but the monster will often follow up with another attack, leading to a KO.
UpheavalRajang digs into the ground and flings it upwards. Any hunters caught will be tossed into the air and knocked to the ground.

Rajang's Head is weak to all forms of physical damage. The Foreleg and Torso are moderately weak to all forms of physical damage as well. Rajang is weak to Ice element. It is immune to Dragon, Fire, and Thunder. When Rajang is enraged, attacking the tail can take it out of this state. It is also weak to Iceblight and Blastblight, though it can also be inflicted with Fireblight, Thunderblight, and Waterblight.

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Crimson Glow Valstrax is the penultimate for any hunter in Monster Hunter Rise. This beast acts as the true final boss of the game, and you will certainly feel it when fighting the monster. Valstrax is fast as a jet and can attack before a hunter has time to react. Crimson Glow Valstrax focuses on dealing Dragon damage and inflicting Dragonblight. It is capable of causing explosions and firing energy beams, which means that mobility is key in this fight. Insect Glaives and Longswords are a great option for this battle.

Most Dangerous Moves:

Crimson CometValstrax takes to the skies and circles, searching for a target. Once it decides on one, it will hurtle towards earth, exploding on impact. Whole teams can be carted by this move, so it is best to scatter once it takes off.
Rocket DashValstrax pins its wings behind it and hurtles toward a target. This move can be evaded by sidestepping.
Ground Zero BurstIf Valstrax's wings face forward it can cause an explosion of Dragon energy directly in front of it. This attack can be avoided by jumping backward or approaching Valstrax from the back.
Crimson BeamValstrax charges up energy in its chest. It then releases it in a powerful beam in front of it. This move can be evaded by sidestepping or by dealing damage to the chest as it charges. If enough damage is dealt, Valstrax will be knocked to the ground.

Crimson Glow Valstrax is extremely weak to Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Water element damage. This means that there are many viable weapon options for this fight. It is immune to Dragon element, which is unusual for Elder Dragons. Its Head is very weak to Slash and Blunt damage. The rest of the body is moderately weak to all forms of physical damage. This is with the exception of the Tail which is very weak to Slash damage. It is also weak to Blastblight, and Flashpods can stun it when it is not enraged.

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