Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Niton And Undine

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Part of your main goal in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX will be to find and raise a strong monster that has what it takes to battle all the way through to S Rank and beyond. This means generating and combining monsters until you find your perfect little champ.

Unfortunately, certain types of monsters are locked and you have to fulfill certain prerequisites to gain access to them. This guide covers how to unlock Niton and Undine in Monster Rancher 2, after which you'll be able to generate them from CDs at the Shrine.

How To Get The Undine Slate In Monster Rancher 2

To unlock these two water monsters, you'll first need to get the Undine Slate. To do that, you'll first need to reach the 4th Grade Trainer Rank (Beat Rank B Official IMa Tournament with a monster) and get yourself a Hopper (we have a CD database list here if you don't already have one).

Next, you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Get your Hopper to Rank B
  • Ensure that it has no fatigue or stress during the winter months (December until February)

If you meet these requirements, sometime during the winter, Hopper will dig up and discover the hot springs for your ranch. At the same time, it will discover the Undine Slate and you'll have a short conversation with Master Pabs.

How To Unlock Undine and Niton In Monster Rancher 2

Once you have the Undine Slate, go into Town and head to the Lab. Combine any two monsters using the Undine Slate as a secret seasoning item and you will be guaranteed an Undine as a result.

Dadge will tell you a little bit about Undine and also mention "According to the slate, you can raise other water related monsters as well.", which is the only hint you'll get to the fact you've just unlocked Niton too.

Now that they're both unlocked, you can generate them from CDs at the shrine. You can check out our CD database list if you want to know which CDs generate these monsters.

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