MTG: The 5 Best Enchantments In Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate

Magic: The Gathering's most recent crossover with Dungeons & Dragons, Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate has introduced a wide swath of powerful new cards to the Commander format. Unlike Standard sets that are primarily focused on traditional one-on-one gameplay, Battle For Baldur’s Gate includes a litany of cards designed for multiplayer games, even bringing back the powerful myriad mechanic which effectively allows a creature to attack each player at once.

The new cards of Battle For Baldur’s Gate come in all shapes and sizes, including many strong new enchantments that can benefit a wide range of deck strategies. Here are the enchantments of Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate that are the most worth including in your next deck.

5 Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus is a unique red enchantment for three mana with an ability that becomes progressively more impactful the longer it remains on the battlefield. At the beginning of your upkeep, two descent counters are put on Descent into Avernus. Then, each player creates a number of treasures equal to the number of descent counters on it, and each player loses that much life.

This simultaneously helps and harms each player in the game, you included. However, if a deck is going to include Descent into Avernus, you can intentionally prepare for it, making it more advantageous for yourself. For example, in a Treasure-focused deck, you could gain much more value out of it than your opponents through intentionally including synergies in your deck. Additionally, as this enchantment is capable of dealing serious damage to each player, it can be a great fit in decks that aim to deal direct damage to one's opponents, such as one led by Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, allowing games to be closed out much more quickly.

4 Font Of Magic

For decks looking to make the most out of instants and sorceries, Font of Magic is a great card capable of offering significant mana reduction. A blue enchantment for four mana, Font of Magic reduces the cost of instants and sorceries you would cast by one mana for each time that you've has cast your commander from the command zone that game.

As it is quite common for a commander to be removed and recast as a game progresses, this spell is most impactful when played later in a game. If you've cast your commander twice, the substantial reduction of two fewer mana for each instant and sorcery can easily enable explosive and splashy turns. As this enchantment is at its best when you're casting your commander several times within a game, it's best in a deck with a cheap commander who can be easily replayed, such as a Baral, Chief of Compliance deck.

3 Legion Loyalty

While costly at eight mana, Legion Loyalty is an impressive new white enchantment that is potentially capable of serving as a deck's win condition. Simple yet powerful, Legion Loyalty provides each of your creatures with myriad. This means that whenever those creatures attack, temporary copies of those creatures enter the battlefield tapped and attacking each other opponent.

While Myriad is a potent ability in its own right. and being able to consistently provide it to each of your creatures is a huge boon that shouldn't be taken lightly. In addition to bolstering your offense, as token copies of a creature are generated, their powerful "enter the battlefield" triggers can be repeatedly utilized. Though these tokens are normally exiled at the end of combat, if you have access to a sacrifice outlet, these disposable tokens may also be utilized to gain additional value at the end of your combat step.

Legion Loyalty may appear straightforward at first glance, but this excellent enchantment can be a phenomenal asset for various deck archetypes outside of those simply wishing to attack their foes, such as Blink decks and Aristocrats decks.

2 Kindred Discovery

Originally printed in Commander 2017, Kindred Discovery is a stellar tribal staple and a much-needed reprint found within Battle for Baldur's Gate. A blue enchantment for five mana, upon entering the battlefield, you name a creature type. Whenever a creature of that type enters the battlefield under your control or whenever a creature of that type you control attacks, that draw a card.

This is an incredible draw engine for any tribal deck with access to blue mana, as by simply attacking with one's creatures, you can immediately restock your hand as long as you're piloting a tribal deck, providing yourself with additional options and resources.

Regardless of what tribe a deck is built around, Kindred Discover can immediately allow a deck to function as a card-draw powerhouse through combat or casting creature spells – something those decks want to do anyway.

1 Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections is a powerful new black enchantment that offers its controller a substantial degree of flexibility. Toting three modes, at the beginning of your precombat main phase, you choose one or more of the following effects:

  • Sell Contraband — Create a Treasure token. You lose 1 life.
  • Buy Information — Draw a card. You lose 2 life.
  • Hire a Mercenary — Create a 3/2 colorless Shapeshifter creature token with changeling. You lose 3 life.

This enchantment effectively allows you to convert your life total into various types of resources, rewarding you proportionally based on how much life you're willing to sacrifice.

It's important to note that while these modes are flexible and impressive when paired together, if you were to repeatedly gain the benefits of each of these modes each turn, this damage would surely add up and you risk taking yourself out of the game.

However, if used strategically or if paired with life-gaining effects, this card can offer absurd amounts of value. Few cards are capable of simultaneously offering mana ramp, card draw, and token generation, especially not for a cost as low as three mana. If a black deck is able to consistently gain additional life, enabling the safe use of these effects, it's difficult to see why it would not benefit from the inclusion of Black Market Connections.

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