MultiVersus Devs Want To Make More "Straightforward" Characters

Following the release of yet another expert character in the form of Rick, MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has hinted that some of the incoming characters are going to be a little more "straightforward" and not as complicated.

Although MultiVersus generally has some pretty complicated characters like Tom and Jerry, Steven Universe, Arya, and Bugs Bunny, it does balance that out a bit with more simplistic fighters like Batman, Superman, and Finn. That being said, the post-launch additions have all been much more complicated than the rest, with two Expert-rank characters in the form of Rick and Morty, a complicated Support with Gizmo, and the strangest Bruiser in the game, LeBron James.

This has led to a few complaints from players who don't want to use fighters that are too hard to learn or require too much skill to get used to, as well as the fact that they're generally more expensive to purchase. It seems that MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh is aware of these complaints, however, as he shared his own thoughts on the subject following the release of Rick earlier in the week.

Huynh said, "We should probably make a few more straight-forward characters. Been a pretty long string of complex characters". It's not clear if that comment is also in reference to Black Adam and Stripe, the next two fighters coming to the game, as they both seem to be pretty close to being finished, if voice lines and data within the game are anything to go by.

Huynh's use of the word "make" seems to hint that he's referring to the characters after Stripe and Black Adam, however, as their movesets have already been designed. We don't know what rank either of those characters are, but we do know from now-deleted leaks that Black Adam has some kind of lightning ball he can keep in one place, and that Stripe has a range of items that reference Gremlins making up his kit, neither of which sound too complex.

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