MultiVersus Director Confirms Bugs Bunny Nerf Is Coming

MultiVersus director and Player First Games co-founder Tony Huynh has said that Bugs Bunny will be nerfed once EVO 2022 is over, but maintains that the character will "always be fun" to play as.

Huynh revealed the incoming nerf via his personal Twitter account, replying to a fan considering purchasing Bugs Bunny with their hard-earned gold (thanks VG247). In a short but devastating tweet for Bugs Bunny mains, Huynh simply says "Nerfs inc after EVO, but Bugs Bunny will always be fun." EVO 2022 is set to begin on August 5 and will end on August 7, so consider that your time limit to continue wrecking opponents with your slightly overpowered cartoon bunny.

While Bugs Bunny is kind of annoying to come up against in MultiVersus, he's hardly the character most in need of a nerf. For example, fans have been crying out on Reddit for Player First Games to nerf Finn. His high-five hitbox is admittedly very large and his ability to charge attacks whilst moving makes him all kinds of irritating. In fact, he's annoying players so much that he's being compared to Taz, who was recently nerfed into the ground after players kept on spamming his tornado attack.

Another character players are calling to be nerfed is the Iron Giant, as his sheer size and the power behind his attacks make him a force to be reckoned with. Granted, Huynh hasn't specified whether Bugs Bunny is the only character getting nerfed after EVO 2022, so it's possible several characters could be tweaked in the coming months. Just leave Tom and Jerry alone and we're golden.

In other MultiVersus news, you probably don't need another excuse to jump into a game, but I'm going to give you one anyway. A new Rick and Morty-inspired stage called Cromulus was recently added to the game as a reward for players achieving a combined total of 10 million ring outs. More impressively, that number was reached in just three hours, really driving home just how popular MultiVersus is at the moment.

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