MultiVersus: Halloween Event Guide 2022

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  • What Is Candy And How Do I Get It?
  • What Costumes Are Available During This Event?
  • What Else Can I Do With Candy?
  • When Does The Event End?

MultiVersus' Halloween event is upon us, and with it comes a whole new way to gain gold and unlock some spectacularly spooky costumes. But what is the best way to get this Candy, what all can you spend it on, how do the costumes factor into it, and what else are we getting with this update?

Worry not, MultiVersusers, all those questions will be answered here as we break down MultiVersus' first major seasonal event! This guide may only contain a few tricks, but we assure you, there are more than a handful of treats!

What Is Candy And How Do I Get It?

Candy is a special, new currency that is available in MultiVersus during the Halloween event. You will gain Candy by completing matches. Wins and losses are worth different amounts. If you are wearing one of the designated Halloween costumes, you will earn double the amount of Candy you normally would. You will ALSO get an ADDITIONAL bonus if your partner is wearing a costume as well. Here is a helpful chart that tells you exactly how much Candy you will earn in any given mode…

ModeLossWinLose While Wearing A CostumeWin While Wearing A CostumeLose While Both Players Are Wearing CostumesWin While Both Players Are Wearing Costumes

If you are looking to get that costume bonus, and you are character-agnostic, the best bang for your buck is going to be Gizmo's Combat costume, as it only costs 500 Gleamium.

What Costumes Are Available During This Event?

So, there are a grand total of seven costumes tied directly to this event. Some of them can be earned with Candy (Mummy Reindog and Calico Cake), but others can only be purchased with Gleamium. We have provided a quick reference guide below…

Mummy Reindog3,000 Candy
Calico Cake12,000 Candy
Vampire Tom & Jerry800 Gleamium
Frankenstein Iron Giant1500 Gleamium
Witch Velma1500 Gleamium
Black Lantern Superman2000 Gleamium
Black Lantern Wonder Woman2000 Gleamium

While the skins "Combat Gizmo" and "Combat Stripe" are not technically part of this event, using these alternate skins will also provide you with the costume bonus.

What Else Can I Do With Candy?

Well, while the big ticket items are clearly the Reindog and Jake skins, there is also an exclusive profile icon (costing 150 Candy) and an emote (costing 500 Candy) up for grabs. Beyond those, you can just trade your Candy in for gold. For every 500 Candy you trade, you will be given 10 gold. It isn't huge, but it is certainly better than a kick in the teeth!

When Does The Event End?

As all good things tend to do, the Halloween event does have a finite end. This event runs from October 12th to November 15th. So, you should have plenty of time to rake in the Candy! Happy trick-or-treating, Multiversians!

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