MultiVersus: How To Play As Taz

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Mulitversus open beta is finally here, and the brawler has successfully caught the attention of countless DC fans across the globe. The character roster is relatively humble for now, but there is a decent variety amongst the available characters in terms of playstyles and strategies. Since the game balance isn’t quite there yet, some characters are easier to pick up and play than others.

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The Tasmanian Devil (better known as Taz) falls into the former category and has been dominating the playing field with his hard-hitting moves. While recent patches have nerfed the character in some aspects, it’s still a powerful bruiser that should be a great choice nevertheless. This guide will feature a rundown of its moves and strategies for how to best use the character.

Taz Abilities – Passive, Neutral, and Specials

As mentioned before, Taz is a bruiser and excels in dealing damage to enemies at close range. To complement this natural moveset, Taz has a passive ability that allows it to hit Tasty damage to its opponents, which after reaching a particular threshold, turns them into a roasted chicken and leaves them unable to attack. Any damage you deal to your opponent during this time will shower you with pieces of chicken, which will heal your character.

Taz’s neutral moves involve him dishing out the enemy with damage, be it by hurling soup or by seasoning the enemy with salt or pepper, or sandwiching the enemy between pieces of bread.

These moves also deal Tasty damage, making them perfect for stacking and combo-ing with each other for great results.

Coming over to his special moves, Taz’s neutral special move is called Chew ‘Em Up and Spit It Out. As the name suggests, this move entails Taz’ engulfing its opponent in its gargantuan mouth and chewing them up. Just perform the move and keep pressing the special button to chew and deal chip damage, and then spit them out in any direction you desire. You Spit What You Eat is a variation of this move that is particularly useful against ranged fighters. This down special move enables Taz to chew any fired projectiles and return the favor by spitting it out to your opponent which also inflicts Tasty damage.

Taz can also turn itself into a spinning tornado called the Taz-Nado, which is the character’s Side Special move. While the original incarnation of this move was pretty devastating, it has been nerfed in a recent patch. But even so, this move is pretty powerful – which can be attributed to the lack of cooldown associated with this signature attack.

Player First Games has made its intentions clear of nerfing the move further, so it’s best to not completely rely on this spinning tornado to ease through fights.

The Dogpile! Dogpile! attack is Taz’s Up Special which creates a cloud of dust that slowly grows in size over time. Any opponents caught within that radius are repeatedly inflicted with heavy damage. This special has a relatively long cooldown period, so it’s advisable to use the move only at the best of opportunities to make the most out of it.

Taz Perks

Like every Multiversus character, Taz also has a character progression tree where perks are gradually unlocked as you spend time with the character. Here are all the perks you can unlock for Taz:

  • Percussive Power (Unlocked At Level 2) – Your team deals 5% more damage with horizontal knockbacks
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (Unlocked At Level 4) – Your team gets a 7% cooldown refund when hit by projectiles.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Unlocked At Level 6) – You can use a teammate’s perk for yourself.
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry (Unlocked At Level 7) – Your team gets 15% more knockback influence.
  • Iron Stomach (Unlocked At Level 8) – You can consume a projectile that turns into an anvil upon spitting.
  • I Gotta Get In There (Unlocked At Level 10) – Your teammates can jump into the dogpile which increases its damage, knockback, duration, and armor.
  • School Me Once (Unlocked At Level 11) – Your team can receive a projectile block buff after being hit by a projectile for two seconds.
  • Hit Me If You’re Able (Unlocked At Level 12) – You have 5% more dodge speed.
  • That’s (Not) All Folks! (Unlocked At Level 13) – You can ring an enemy out of the blast zone and will be pushed back into the center giving you a chance to recover.

Taz Strategies and Tips

Given how useful Taz’s passive ability can be, it’s best to try to inflict as much Tasty damage as possible. Thankfully this isn’t so hard to do, since many of Taz’s neutral moves also deal this status effect. Its special moves are pretty powerful, especially the Taz-Nado which can deal massive amounts of damage. However, it’s also important to know that the Dogpile! Dogpile! move is more powerful than the tornado, and can be used to counter it during a mirror match.

If you are up against an opponent who likes to throw projectiles, using the You Spit What You Eat special should help you in deflecting these projectiles. Similarly, chewing and spitting out opponents is a great way to knock them out of the arena. Taz is also great with a team, especially when you equip the I Gotta Get In There perk – which should increase damage dealt with the Dogpile! Dogpile! move. Additionally, the Equip Ally Perk can also help in creating different strategies with different team combinations.

All in all, Taz is a great fighter that’s a perfect choice for a beginner. The character’s moveset is easy to understand, deals good damage, and has enough depth to make you want to keep fighting with this character in the long run.

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