MultiVersus Lunar New Year Update Adds Double Battle Pass XP And New Maps

MultiVersus' first major update of 2023 is here and it brings with it some new map variants for the Treehouse and roofless version of Scooby's Mansion, a Lunar New Year theme, and, most importantly, Double Battle Pass XP.

Although the end of 2022 might have a bit quiet for MultiVersus players, it seems that Player First Games is acting fast to make sure that 2023 is a bit busier, as it's already released a fairly substantial update for the game. This update is themed around the Lunar New Year and adds in several new cosmetics, as well as making some changes to stages in the game.

By far the biggest thing to come out of the Lunar New Year update is double battle pass XP, which begins today, January 18. Although that phrase usually indicates some kind of time limit, it seems that the update is doubling battle pass XP permanently, or at least for the remainder of Season 2. MultiVersus' director, Tony Huynh, said this about XP on Twitter, "We’ll be doubling xp starting tomorrow. More boosts are on the way too", backing up the idea that it's permanent.

The update also makes some interesting changes to some of MultiVersus' maps. The roofless version of the infamous Scooby's Mansion map has been given a bit of a redesign to make it more distinct from the roofed version, now looking like the mansion has been damaged, rather than the roof just randomly not being there.

A four-player nighttime variant of the Adventure Time Treefort was also added in the update, which is a welcome change considering how notoriously cramped the original Treefort map was. Iron Giant mains might finally be able to move around without taking damage every other second. Funnily enough, the nighttime lighting on the map is currently broken and not working as intended, which has led to some cool visuals.

Although most of the content in the Lunar New Year update isn't actually related to the theme, it has added an event to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. As part of the event, players can log in and get 14 days of rewards, which includes a new currency, Gold, that can be used to unlock some unique avatar icons.

A new "Red Guardian" skin for Reindog is unarguably the highlight of the New Year inclusions, although it should be noted that the costume can only be purchased with Gleamium, and not the event currency. The ringout effect and banner are also only available with Gleamium.

The only thing missing from the event is a new character, although that probably doesn't come as too much of a surprise for the MultiVersus fans out there. The fighter to be added to the game was Marvin the Martian, although the game's director, Tony Huynh, has recently stated that a new character will join the fight "soonish", so we shouldn't be waiting too long. My bet is that we get a new one before the end of January.

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