MultiVersus Season 2 Is Being Extended To March 31

It's been a while since the beginning of MultiVersus Season 2 and despite the avalanche of new characters we received back when the game launched, we've yet to see any meaningful updates or additions during the current season besides a couple of maps and Marvin the Martian. It's not unfair to say that fans are beginning to lose their patience, and the announcement that Season 2 will be extended hasn't done much to ease those frustrations.

Announced via the official MultiVersus Twitter account, the current season of the game is being extended to March 31 to give players more time to complete the Battle Pass. Season 2 was originally supposed to wrap up on February 14, meaning Season 2 has been extended for more than a month. At the same time, it was also announced that players will getting free Battle Pass XP boosters and the game will also be giving us the option to purchase Battle Pass tiers.

As you might expect from a fanbase starved of content, the reaction hasn't gone down well. We have no idea whether new characters will be added during this time frame, or if rumored characters like Data from the Goonies, the Joker, Samurai Jack, and Pickle Rick are being saved for Season 3. What with Marvin the Martian being the only character addition of the season so far, you'd hope Player First has plans to release a new character soon, although this season extension has thrown up more questions than answers.

In any case, this will not help the game in the slightest when the player base has been steadily dropping month after month. Letting players complete the Battle Pass more quickly is a decent thing to do, although Player First could easily find itself with a bored community should it continue this dry spell for much longer.

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