My 5 dream features for PlayStation 5 – Reader’s Feature

A reader list the things he’s most looking forward to from Sony’s next console, including a revamped version of Playroom and more remasters.

It’s no secret that Sony is close to revealing the PlayStation 5, and while we are currently enjoying the PlayStation 4 era the PlayStation 4 has been out for quite some time and the hardware will eventually become dated. Currently, the PlayStation 4 has done phenomenally well in its release and has given us some great games. However, it is not without its flaws and while I praise Sony for its achievements here are five unbeatable features I feel that Sony must include with the PlayStation 5.

Backwards Compatibility

If there is one feature that must be included and vastly improved upon it’s the backwards compatibility. Yes, there are those out there who would argue that no one wants to play old games, however the reality of this situation is that there is still a big enough demand for this. For example, a very quick check of YouTube shows people are demanding this be included. [Sony has already said their next console will have backwards compatibility – GC]

4K Playroom

If you have the PlayStation 4 Camera and Playroom you can have endless fun with this. However, one key feature of Playroom that allows players to get the most out of the software is the ability to livestream your own shows and streams. Upgrading this software and the camera to 4K will offer a significant improvement in picture quality, as well as make livestream shows look better. If you access live from PlayStation and search up Playroom you can find many great shows from people who portray characters and personas which are actually entertaining. A few I enjoy include JHardyWestup, Lara2Me or LaraCroft, Ruffio, and Chrissyminx.

Solid games line-up

The PlayStation 5 needs a rock solid games line-up. A lot of people who want to move from PlayStation 4 are going to want to have a justification for spending a lot of money on the system and games, and will want the confidence of knowing they have a great system that can entertain and won’t have a shortage of games.

A good way for Sony to offer a decent line-up of launch titles is to look into remastering some of the classics from PlayStation 1 to 4, as well as asking big time and indie developers to consider producing newer sequels to popular games franchises , as well as porting over some of the best PC indie games. That alone could ensure a solid line-up of games for many years to come. Sony should also be looking into bringing over some of the exclusive games on their rival platforms.

Pricing, options, and presentation

When you’re buying a new console the one thing people want is a competitive price. This must be affordable and must appease the PlayStation fanbase. Adding to this is the design and the options which should include bundles, as well as the design being able to impress anyone who sees the system. One option should be the inclusion of, get ready for it…

4K camera

It goes without saying that superb picture quality from the camera will allow people to get the very best from the new hardware. Also, as mentioned above running, this in Playroom will give people more confidence in buying the camera and will allow better quality streams. Also, an improved microphone wouldn’t go amiss, as well as a wireless mode that uses Bluetooth for headsets so you don’t need to switch from headset to camera. Hopefully you can crossfire the mics from both the headset and camera to bolster your microphone quality, but we will see what Sony actually does with that.

So there you have it, my choices as to what PlayStation 5 needs to win over people from PlayStation 4. Thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed this article.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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