Need For Speed Unbound Takeover Trailer Shows High-Flying Stunt Racing

It’s really starting to look like Need for Speed Unbound will be a greatest hits of all past Need for Speed games, plus a few juicy extras. We already know there will be plenty of car customization and police chases, and now we’re finding out that Unbound will also include stunt racing through specially-made obstacle courses.

Today’s Takeover Event gameplay trailer showcased a points-based race mode that seems to be an evolution of Need for Speeds drift events. The objective is to perform stunts, gaining points for doing things like drifting around corners, NOS boosting, and reaching checkpoints in record time. There are also points to be gained from smashing through barriers or gaining significant airtime. String all this together to keep your combo alive and gain big points by the end of the race.

Basically, Takeover is all about driving like a bat out of hell. Just don’t crash, as that seems to be a surefire way of ruining your combo multiplier.

From the looks of things, races of this nature will take place off the streets and in more industrial zones. Expect obstacles and corners to be set up by race organizers, which appear to be a mysterious underground organization that may be headed by rapper A$AP Rocky–or at least a character portrayed by him.

It sure looks like a lot of Unbound's DNA is being taken from Need for Speed Underground, the twin titles that defined the 2000s racing game scene. Fans have been calling for a remake for years, with one fan even rendering stills from Need for Speed Underground 2 to show the world what just such a remake could look like. Now if only we could see that Nissan 350Z in action, then we'd be in the money.

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